Cineaqua, Arc de Triomphe & The Subway

The past several days have been filled with adventure, good eating, naps and a lot of walking!

I would like to remind everyone that with limited internet access, I am not answering emails until I return unless it is urgent. Also, the full size photos are not working right now. I’ll fix it when I return home.

We visited the Arc de Triomphe and, since we have a “baby” we were able to take the lift up and avoid the #? of stairs! Whoo Hoo! What a view.

At the Grand Palais, we caught the last day of the Turner Exhibit. A little disappointed that "Steam” wasn’t there but it was a good exhibition none the less. Letting daddy walk ahead, I tried to engage Chloe in the artwork. At a portrait of a lady in fancy dress and hat with plume, I asked Chloe what the lady in the picture was wearing. Chloe loudly responded, “a cowboy hat mommy”. Chuckles could be heard all around the quiet room 🙂


CineAqua was a highlight for sure. Though it wasn’t DH’s style at all, the littles and mommy loved it. It’s a must-see for fish-loving littles! Huge aquariums with all sorts of fish from all over the world captivated the littles completely! There were small tanks, large wall tanks and even a tunnel aquarium with fish swimming over you as you walked. The highlight for the littles was a touch pond. After waving his hands around and yelling “no eat me” at the fish, he got the hang of it, began enjoying himself and almost fell in (several times!) and Chloe…well, she informed me she was going to catch a fish and I was concerned she actually would. They had a lot of fun and by the time we left there; they were both soaked! Good thing we had planned to head back to the hotel for a nap!

There seem to be lots of parks in Paris and all of them seem to have sandboxes with toys in them! Of course that is where the littles seem to gravitate to and as a result, have kind of been dirty since we arrived but, such is life. We visited one particularly exciting park two nights in a row with picnic and pastries in hand.

We also visited Notre Dame today but didn’t go inside; we’d been last time and there were a lot of people. It’s different this time around, taking the littles into consideration.

Before we embarked on our journey, I ordered French tracts. I’ll share more later, but Chloe has got the hang of either giving change or purchasing sandwiches for hungry people and giving them a paper about Jesus. She’s a little light to be sure!

Tonight I braved the Paris streets alone as DH and I went our separate ways following a picnic in a local park. DH went to a comic show to wait for a sketch from a famous artist and the littles and I navigated my way back to the hotel once the play area closed. We walked, avoiding the subway since it is difficult to navigate with a stroller.

Travel Tip

The subway in Paris, France is not at all stroller friendly!! In hindsight, I wish we had purchased a second Ergo. If you can manage, a very light umbrella stroller or carrier is the way to go! This is our first trip using a subway with a stroller and it isn’t going well. If you are planning to travel to a city and take advantage of the subway, take into consideration that your stroller may pose a problem! (Though both NY and Washington have elevators!)

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  1. It seems like such a great time!! I noticed all the parks when I was in paris! What a nice way to spend your time with the kiddlets. I can’t wait to hear about Africa!!

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