Our Arrival in Paris!

  • Picture 1 Chloe in the Ergo, John in the hotsling after a very long day. (no idea what that face is about!)
  • Picture 2 Chloe and John looking for our place.
  • Picture 3 Chloe and her very red ice cream and ruby-red lips.

The Flight (long story short): if you read the previous post about our Air France seating disasters, you’ll be pleased to know that we did end up with our original seats; though Scott now thinks I am scary after witnessing my interaction with the agent! LOL.

Day One: The plane ride was a long one. Chloe and daddy got several good hours of sleep. John for some reason decided he didn’t want to sleep. He was awake almost the entire flight;  falling asleep two hours before landing and waking up an hour before landing when they began to serve breakfast. Though he was awake the entire time, both he and Chloe were so good on the plane as well as during the down/waiting times before and after our flight!

We left Toronto at 7pm and with the flight and time difference, arrived in Paris at 8am. We then waiting an over an hour for our stroller to come out of baggage. (Apparently ‘oversized’ takes longer? {sigh}. We got to our hotel about noon. We’re staying at the Meridian in Montparnasse. I was delighted with the size and layout of our room. It is quite large in comparison to many European rooms. We have two double beds, and a crib {a pleasant and unexpected surprise!}.

I immediately unpacked into the generous wall closet and set up our folding laundry hamper in the bathroom. I set up the “playing area” with a mini toy box and put the books on a nearby shelf. I also rearranged the furniture to suit us; we’re here for a week you know!

Then we shut the blinds and had a three hour nap; the littles were out instantly. I woke up about 3:30pm and woke everyone else up. They were not ready to be woken up but I was concerned about them sleeping too long and then not sleeping at night then we’d never get onto local time.

We explored a little of the area; locating an amazing pizza shop for dinner and stumbling upon a delightful little bakery which is turning out to be a regular haunt for us. Le pain au chocolat was something I ate several of every morning when we were here on our honeymoon. History is repeating itself; though I am working it off with the baby-wearing and walking for sure!

We all went to bed at 7:30pm; again the littles were out like lights. At midnight we were all restless. We woke turned on lights; watched some TV and had some snacks. We went back to sleep at 2am and woke up at 10:30am.

Day Two: After showers and a light breakfast in the room; we caught the subway and headed to the Louvre and then an afternoon of exploration, classic ham & cheese on baguette for dinner and a stop at the bakery.

  • Picture 1 Chloe in the Ergo, Mona Lisa picture on the wall behind us!
  • Picture 2 & 3 in front of the Louvre
  • Picture 4 is the awesome wedges I bought for the tip. Adorable, comfortable and they make me look taller. Love them!

Travel Tip of the Day:

When dealing with tiredness after a long flight and a time change, don’t expect yourself or your littles to just resume your regular routine. Be flexible with your schedule to allow yourself to adjust and think outside the box. For us, three hours of sleep, some activity, three hours of sleep, some activity and then a straight stretch of sleep proved very effective the first day/night of our arrival. The following day we were back on schedule, with a regular bedtime and a normal morning.


  1. I’m glad you made it to Paris safely and are adjusting to the time change. Your trip is going to be sooooooo great!!! LOVE the shoes!!! Have so much fun!!!

  2. Oh Jenn! It looks amazing!! I can’t wait to hear more! Take pictures of your hotel room with your fancy makeover of it!

  3. What an amazing trip and experience! As a home-school mom I think…wow…the ultimate field trip! Great pics…and I gotta tell ya….LOVE the wedges!!! So cute! May be my favorite pic…jk! Be safe!

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