Five Minute Friday: Unexpected


After two homebirths and two healthy children, we figured that we knew the drill. Isaac would arrive and six weeks later we’d hop on a plane – an African adventure awaited us. Isaac, born at home, began to go down hill quickly the next day. A month and a half in the NICU with Isaac was unexpected.

A slew of tests were run, some things discovered and far more not discovered. It was quite unexpected that we would never find anything concrete, no real explanations. But we praised God that we could finally bring our sweet baby home.

And we excitedly prepared for our rescheduled South African adventure in November.

At a routine pediatrician check up in October, he said Isaac’s head was experiencing ‘accelerated growth’ again. He referred us back to Neurosurgery at the neighboring children’s hospital.


Unexpectedly, our trip was cancelled again. The neurosurgeon ordered more tests and said that Isaac shouldn’t fly until the tests and assessments were complete.

Yesterday we received some good news – the ultrasound of Isaac’s head shows no change and the ultrasound of his kidney’s shows that the deposits are gone and his kidney’s are maturing nicely. It also shows that his ionic calcium levels are normal. Praise the Lord!

Isaac still has yet more tests on the horizon. But we’re enjoying each day as it comes; focusing on the here and now, celebrating each little victory, milestone and smile as we wait.

Life is full of the unexpected. That is where the beauty, the excitement, the wonder and the growth are!

Everything about sweet Isaac was unexpected to me, but not to God. Thank you, Lord, for your goodness!

  • I’m participating in Five Minute Friday since 5 minutes seems to be about all I have these days!
  • Next week I promise to write about something other than Isaac. Maybe I’ll share the Oatmeal Maple Scone recipe I love!


  1. Joining with you for 5 Minute Friday (except it’s now Saturday lol)…What a beautiful baby! Praying also for beautiful, unexpected blessings for you and your family. And looking forward to the oatmeal maple scone recipe 🙂


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