Five Minute Friday: Goodbye House

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(Sept 2005, Our New House #1) Today we got the keys to our new house. This weekend we say goodbye to our old house. The house that we chose as a newly engaged couple. The house I walked into as a newly wed and am leaving as a married woman and mother of three. Oh, […]

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Five Minute Friday: Unexpected

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After two homebirths and two healthy children, we figured that we knew the drill. Isaac would arrive and six weeks later we’d hop on a plane – an African adventure awaited us. Isaac, born at home, began to go down hill quickly the next day. A month and a half in the NICU with Isaac […]

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Five Minute Friday: Remember

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Things flow smoothly, the laundry is caught up, folded and where it should be. I’ve done the dishes after dinner so we wake up with a fresh start each morning. I’m feeling like I have it all together. But then I don’t. With all the doctors appointments, we’re often out several times a week. Isaac […]

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Five Minute Friday: Beyond

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Me, Grandpa, Grandma, my brother and my sister ~ 2007 My grandmother died yesterday. We were close. She was like a second mother to me, which had it’s perks and it’s downfalls. <smile>  I was incredibly blessed to have her in my life and see her faith; it was a faith of action more than […]

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Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

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My children love to throw the laundry down the stairs. It’s great fun. Then they go down the stairs, and haul it into the laundry room where they sort it by person rather than color no matter how many times I remind them. Laundry is pretty ordinary around here. Dirty and clean.  You’ll find it […]

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Five Minute Friday: Growing

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The mis-matched seeds in the little red pot on the window sill come to life; drinking up their water, basking in the sun and lifting their heads upwards. Each time Chloe eats a piece of fruit, she carefully saves her seeds. We have peach, apple and orange seeds planted in this pot. {I don’t tell […]

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