4th Annual Storybook Breakfast


Last year Chloe and I attended the 3rd breakfast. This year, Chloe, John and I  attended the 4th Annual Kids Can Fly Storybook Breakfast with friends. 

IMG_6286  IMG_6285

Mommy, John and Curious George & John with the Bernstein Bears (his hand is up because he’s waving to me). These are pictures of the pictures so a little faded. Sorry.

John had his picture taken with the Bernstein Bears and was so excited to see them, he hopped right up on their lap.

Chloe is going through a “crazy smile” phase. She looks beautiful when she smiles when not posing. When you ask her to smile for a picture, it looks something like these – strange.

IMG_6064 IMG_6065

While Chloe has never seen Beauty and the Beast, she was so excited to see Belle at the breakfast and had been looking forward to this moment all week. {All breakfast attendees are given an autograph book when they arrive.} Chloe greeted Belle shyly and asked for her to autograph her little pad. It was so cute.


Another highlight of the breakfast is that each child gets a book. We got Grumpy Goat and Sadie and the Snowman. I love that this breakfast helps raise awareness of the importance of reading to little ones. You know how I feel about reading – it’s so important!


Usborne  had a book table there so we also purchased a few new books – I’m a sucker for books! I’m thankful that we were able to attend this fun breakfast, that I have littles who love books and that I’m able to read to them often!

What are you reading to your tots today?

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