Chloe and the Story Book Breakfast


On Saturday Chloe and I attended the 3rd Annual Kids Can Fly Storybook Breakfast with friends. This was the first time I had ever heard of it but we had a great time despite what the pictures of Chloe tell you!

We had pancakes, sausages, fruit and juice for breakfast. When we arrived, we were escorted to our table by Snow White. Chloe was very shy about it all, though she does enjoy Snow White. Each table had a book theme complete with decorations. Chloe got to choose which character to have her photo professionally taken with. She was torn between Snow White, Cinderella or Max. She went with Snow White. They also handed out little notebooks for the children to be able to get “autographs” from their favorite characters. It was adorable to watch her shyly give the Bernstein Bears a high five.

Chloe had a wonderful time, enjoyed plenty of dancing with her friends and received a new book as well. It is The Snow Storm from Usborne (and I love their books!). She was most excited about this because she loves books and enjoys reading! Thanks Carm, for inviting us!


  1. Making good solid memories………..
    that is part of what childhood is about………
    building on ALL areas of the foundations.
    Here she was WITH characters BUT
    you are doing an awesome job at also
    helping build good character (not pretend) in her.
    Continue on mommy & enjoy the journey!!!
    Regardless of how it FEELS somedays…..
    it is not as long a journey as we think;-)

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