Usborne Books For Christmas

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My friend Sherri, whom I had never met, sent me an invite to an Usborne party. How could I resist? I love books, especially Usborne books, and we’d get to meet. My very first bloggy friend in real life!

What a fun night. Cassandra {yet another blogger!} was the Usborne rep and I can say with certainty that there has never been a home party demonstration that I enjoyed as much as this one!

We got to see so many awesome books up close and personal. The Night-Night Stories, See Inside Your Body, Fat Cat on a Mat and Picture Atlas were four books I didn’t have on my list but went with with after getting to see them in person. WOW!  Cassandra was also really knowledgeable about all the books, even the ones she didn’t have with her {Usborne has something crazy like 2000+ books}. Anyway, she was great and helped me choose a book that I know John will love Christmas morning, On a Pirate Ship. Oh, I know that in real life, Pirates are not happy, friendly people. But they should be! My little John, who is 2, adores pirates. It was hard to find a book that I thought was appropriate for him. Cassandra also provided plenty of information on  How are Babies Made and at her reccomendation, I bought it to help answer Chloe’s questions. I’m very happy with it; complete honesty and just enough information.

We’re “homeschooling” but right now, that mostly consists of reading a lot of books. Picture books, read alouds, chapter books…they littles can’t get enough. I completely believe that all these little stories that don’t seem like much are cultivating a love of stories/reading which goes hand in hand with a love of learning. Their little minds are being exposed to new ideas, a vocabulary they may not otherwise hear, sentence structure and so much more.

If you do nothing else with your child in their little years, read to them! Especially good, quality stories. Yes, at times I struggle with putting down the broom or ignore the laundry so I can read to them. I like to accomplish things, but reading to little ones is so much more lasting that a temporarily clean floor!

This is not a review, or anything. I was just super excited about my books. We buy many fantastic books at our local thrift store, Bibles for Missions but books are one area where I am willing to splurge. I know the littles will be as excited as me to delve into these new ones!!

Have you ever heard of Usborne? What’s your favorite children’s book?


  1. I prefer giving books than toys for children. You give them a chance of seeing the world and cultivate their imagination. =) Great post. Will check out Usbornes.

  2. […] Another highlight of the breakfast is that each child gets a book. We got Grumpy Goat and Sadie and the Snowman. I love that this breakfast helps raise awareness of the importance of reading to little ones. You know how I feel about reading – it’s so important! […]

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