Chloe & John: Away in a Manager


Chloe is in the red velvet dress, John in the red sweater-vest (with shirt tails out!)

We had our Sunday School Pageant on the December 19th. Chloe and John’s class sang Away in a Manger. It is the Pre K (3yrs) and SK class. John moved into the class an entire year early since he’s the only one in his tot class and he doesn’t really fit in with the babies in the nursery.

I started to tape then moved so I could get John in. As soon as he saw me, if you listen, you can hear him say “Mommy’s here!”.  Chloe did super well. John did sing at one point…{I was proud regardless!}. The moment I cut the video, they exited down the left side and John stopped to wave and loudly yell, “Bye, Mom”.

Pre K, JK, SK Class singing Away in a Manger 2010 (though I have to admit it was just zoomed in on my children and not the rest of the class)

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  1. Chloe is going to be a good mommy, see how she was rocking baby Jesus in her arms. You could tell she enjoyed every minute singing and swaying.
    John, oh how precious. Loved he wave.
    Very cute and the class sang very well and loud for their ages.

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