Finding Out the Gender


Our little family is made of four,

And soon we’re going to add one more!

A sweet little girl and boy have we;

I wonder what this little babe will be!

We find out Thursday; Momma can’t wait,

Please little baby, cooperate!


To Find Out or Not?

I know there are great debates about whether or not to find out the baby’s sex at an ultrasound. Some want to wait and after the work of labor, be delightedly surprised. Others find out, but keep that delicious secret all to themselves.

Then there are people like me. I love surprises but I hate waiting. I should work on that! Anyway, I truly believe that, like many things in parenting, there is no right or wrong way to do it. You do whatever works for you!

Thursday is our first ultrasound. I’m 20 weeks. While I have a pretty good idea that this baby is healthy {based on the kicks, wiggles and rolls I can feel and the way that baby whacks the doppler every time we try listen}, it will be nice to have a look and know that everything looks OK. My midwife also assures me there is just one in there but last night I dreamt that I was having quintuplets. While I love babies…I think five at once would be a little…challenging.

I’m also super excited to know if we’re expecting a boy or girl. I’ll be just as surprised at 5 months as I would at 9 months. With both Chloe and John, we chose to find out and we named our baby that day. From that day on, we referred to our baby by his or her name. I felt like I knew each of them when they arrived, though I am sure many mothers who do not find out the sex feel the same way.

A Girl? A Boy?

’d love to have another girl; Chloe was {and is} such a delight to dress. I love dresses and super girly things and so does she. Aside from some pants-wearing when she was learning to crawl, she wears dresses every day {it seemed cruel to put her in dresses and have her fall flat on her face trying to crawl.} It has nothing to do with modesty or our faith, though both are valid reasons, it’s simply that they are twirly and fun and we like them. I love the little girl accessories and adorable shoes. I love curlies, ribbons and bows in her hair. I love picking out beautiful ballerinas for Christmas gifts and listening to her make plans to be be a mommy when she grows up.

But oh, I’d love another little boy. The sweet boyish smile, as he looks at me with mischievous twinkling eyes. Sweater vests, little bow ties, and adorable monkey hats. Those sweet striped shirts will never go out of style! Sleepy snuggles and  hearing, “Mommy, I wuv you so much!” I love watching my little man trail my big man around asking to help fix things and watching his little legs run up the stairs to get his tools to help daddy.

A boy or a girl; I’d take either.







{and yes, I’ll share when I find out}

So how about you? Did you have a chance to find out the baby’s sex at your ultrasound and did you take it?


  1. We were gonna find out when I went for the ultra-sounds, but I was 18 weeks and they wouldn’t tell us. They said we had to pay $100 or something to find out. We thought it was stupid and decided to wait. I’m glad it happened this way! It was a great surprise! The whole time I thought it was a girl, but a boy came out 🙂 With second baby, we will not be finding out.
    Did you find that your boy/girl pregnancies were different? I’ve heard from people that they can tell who it is just from previous experience of being pregnant.

    • @Jen M Based on my previous pregnancies (one boy, one girl) I was SURE I was having a girl but at the ultrasound today we found out we’re adding a little boy to our family 🙂 I was completely fooled! {And if we had to pay to find out, we’d definitely wait too! LOL}

  2. Nope! It wouldn’t make a difference to us either way, so we waited until the births. We had lots of gender neutral sleepers and blankets to last a while after the arrival. It’s definately an exciting wait, and a fun surprise! 🙂

  3. When I was pregnant with my daughter the ultrasound clinic had a policy not to tell (due to gender based abortions).

    I was okay with not knowing with my first, but had a harder time the second time around because it wasn’t just a question of who would enter our family, but if we would have two girls or a girl and a boy — the sibling dynamics. We were curious, but we didn’t find out. Interestingly, the same clinic had changed their policy to allow people to find out the gender.

    Personally I like the surprise. We also didn’t tell anyone the names we were considering until after the baby was born and the name was decided! (That way people can’t give their opinions).

    For each of our babies we had nicknames that we called them. The nicknames were dropped once they arrived, but in the case of my son (who was Baby Button) my daughter (then 2) named one of her dolls Baby Button after him. (Check out my WW post this week and you’ll see Baby Button!)

    I feel a bit like when people tell you what gender they’re having and the name of the baby then when the baby is born all the good stuff has already been revealed. But, at the same time I’m super curious and love to know all possible name choices. I like hearing first and middle names and thinking about what sounds best.

    Are you guys decided on the names already?!?!

    • @Chelsey How awful that someone would have an abortion based on gender! We never had any genetic testing done for any babies because regardless of how they arrived, they were our gift from the Lord just as they were but I’ve heard of a lot of abortions based on genetic testing but never gender!

      Anyway, we’ll be welcoming little Ethan George (after papa) to our family this May. 🙂

  4. I love your poem! Cute. Yes I found out with all three. I was so happy to find out the one I’m carrying right now is a boy as we have two girls. You at least have one of each already. I can’t imagine not knowing. Obviously they can be wrong but I have the ultrasound photos that CLEARLY look like little boy privates so I’m pretty sure.

  5. I found out the first time, but the last time (with baby #4) I chose not to find out. It was so exciting finding out the sex when the baby was born. For me, finding out before was like peeking at the presents before Christmas, there wasn’t this “epitome” of the entire pregnancy when I learned ahead of time. I loved finding out when the doctor gave my baby boy to me.

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