Interesting Links December 2010 Edition

Photo by Dezz

The Love with which we Perform @ (in)courage was a lovely reminder; one that I needed as a wife/mother/homemaker and maybe you do too?

My Husband’s Helper @ Generation Cedar was short, sweet and to the point about how simple my role is as wife!

It Really Is Just Easier to Be Who You Are @ The Happiness Project interviewed Tsh of Simple Mom. I enjoyed reading this and if you’re a fan of Tsh, you may too.

The Obsenity of a New Era @ Apple Cheeks Blog told me something I never knew; you are supposed to properly dispose of fecal matter before tossing a disposable diaper into the garbage. Now I use mostly cloth, though for Sunday School and a few other occasions, we do use a disposable.

Parenting in Love @ Generation Cedar is a reminder I need at this time. I find myself more impatient that I usually am, and thus, I’m not sure I’m I know I am not always parenting in love.

Being a Wife and Mother is Enough @ Generation Cedar had some interesting thoughts and a reassurance that our family is our ministry. That’s not to say that we can’t be involved in other things but we also can rejoice in “just” fulfilling our roles as wife and mother, especially in the days with littles.