Then and Now: Sitting & Dining Room

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When we first moved into our home in Fall of 2005, combining our two apartments, there was a lot of empty space in the house still. Slowly but surely over the years, things have filled up. It’s five years later, 2010, and things look so different; I feel like we’re finally home!



How long did it take you to feel at home in your home?


  1. I feel at home in my house….but it’s still so empty. We’ve only been living in it 1 year. I plan to get pictures enlarged and decorate some more when I’m on Mat leave. I hope that’s not a silly plan!!

  2. I think I need your help with window coverings and hanging pictures! Your place looks great.

    PS: I’m super curious — why do you have three chocolate calendars? And are those tusks???

    • We have three chocolate calendars: One for Chloe, one for John and one for me! {Though honestly? This is my second calendar because a week or so ago, it had been one of those days and I ate all the chocolates from it! LOL Then I went out and bought another one to hide the evidence of my naughtiness!}

  3. I love your after picture…so nice!! It took 5 years to make our home what it is today…it’s perfect and gorgeous!! 😀

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