You Put WHAT Up Your Nose?


photo by policeblue999

Wednesday night we picked GiGi up from the airport; she’s here for a visit and the littles were elated. We headed to Mezes; my all time favorite Greek restaurant where the kalamari and Tzatziki is amazing.

The littles were in love with the “fire cheese” (saganaki) and devoured it immediately. GiGi, of course, was indulgent and ordered another. There is something pretty captivating about having cheese lit on fire at your table.


Photo by Eva~Luna

On the way home, Chloe bit off part of the rubber straw from her Thermos bottle and stuffed it right up {way up!} her nose. I don’t know why on earth she would do that but as soon as she realized she couldn’t get it out, she began wailing at the top of her lungs; scared and upset!

I’m finding that there are a lot of stressful moments in this beautiful journey of parenting. I’m learning that above all else, remaining calm {at least externally} while you evaluate what has happened and how to proceed is the key.

I had DH drop me off at the ER and take GiGi and John home to bed. This is my first trip to the ER with a tot! We signed in, Chloe crying , scared, tired and snuggly. We sat down just as another little girl came in. Chloe said, “Mommy, does that little girl have a straw up her nose too?” to which I replied, “Probably not, Chloe. I think you are the only one!”

When the little girl sat down, Chloe and her became fast friends sharing crayons, animal crackers and giggles. It did help to pass the long 3 hours that we were there.

The doctor finally saw her, and looked in her nose, then in her ears. Chloe promptly informed him {slightly indignant}, “I didn’t put anything in my ears, just up my nose!”

We got home very late, then had two super early mornings so we’re all kind of tired; looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

So what was your first ER trip with a tot? Has your little one ever put things up their nose? Tell me I’m not alone here!


  1. No, mine did not, but I did! Yes, I put pie dough up my nose! Don’t ask me why because I do not know! LOL My Mom put a cherry pit up hers! Ha ha!

  2. This is so common you have no idea!! LOL I’m pretty sure all 4 of my kids have put some foreign object in a nostril before! I haven’t had to go to the ER for it thankfully! My daughter slept with gum in her mouth one time and it ended up in her hair. Now THAT was a mess!

  3. No emergency’s …yet… I’m sure they are on the way. Genevieve is already pile driving the next door neighbour kids, so I’m sure one of them will be in the ER soon enough.

    She also hasn’t put anything in her nose either (other than her finger,,, and let me tell you, both the first and second knuckle are sometimes out of vision…) Yes, parenting is, well, interesting and exhausting 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story,


  4. LOL! My son stuck a baby carrot up his nose when he was 2, and had to go the ER. It took 4 hours, 3 nurses to hold him down, and 2 doctors brainstorming and about 8 attempts to finally dislodge it.
    By the way, you have been awarded a blog award!
    Come and get it!!

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