Celebrating Carrots

2010 Crunchy Carrots

I can vividly recall the cool fall days, the smell of the earth, the cold water from the hose splashing as I wash the dirt clumps clinging to the bright orange carrot I just pulled from Grandma’s garden. I remember {I can taste it!} that wonderful freshness that came from biting into that delicious, crunchy vegetable with childishness abandon.

It’s little moments like these that make up my delightful collection of childhood memories; the ones that bring a smile to my face each time I recall them. Moments where my heart swells with love for my parents and grandparents and for the amazing childhood that shaped me into who I am today.

Who am I today?

A mother who wants to stop and celebrate the little things in life {the important things!}. I’m a mother who planted a garden with her littles, tending it {and them!} with love and care.  Carrots, like children, have a long growing season and require much patience. But they are worth it! Today we enjoyed the sun and the breeze in our hair while we cultivated memories and crunched carrots.

Do you have a childhood memory you want your little ones to have/experience?


  1. Mine will require a trip to the midwest. I fondly remember catching fireflies (lightning bugs) at our grandparents’ homes. Our older daughter has seen them, but she was 18 months at the time (though with her memory she may remember them). I would love to watch all my littles running around trying to catch the pretty bugs and make little lanterns with them. Sweet.

    • Oh, we loved to catch them as children too. There aren’t any around where we live now (I don’t think). What a wonderful childhood memory!

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