Walking in the Rain


It’s kind of rainy today; I’m thankful for that since we need rain but sometimes a little challenging since the littles love to be outside.

So, despite the rain {or maybe because of it} we headed out for a walk. Cool and refreshing


                                  we walked along singing, picking flowers

                                                                                                                     {and grass?!?}

carrying our umbrellas and rejoicing in the day that the Lord hath made. We had sandwiches for lunch…we eat them a lot {it’s summertime!}. We read some books and played some Uno Moo.

Have you ever played Uno Moo? Mom and dad bought it for the littles for Christmas and they really enjoy it. {John is still figuring it out but Chloe had it down pat just days after receiving it. She was almost 3.} Anyway, it’s a simple game that teaches matching using animals and colors. The pieces are nice and chunky for tots to handle. We also make the animal sounds which makes the game even funner (not a word, I know!).  I think this is a great game!

So I thought today on this rainy day I would share with you posts from the archives for any new subscribers. Be sure to check out 23 Rainy Day Ideas and a Box of Rice on a Rainy Day.

 IMG_3425 IMG_3427

{“Flowers” picked by Chloe. Blade of grass picked by John who ended  up being too tired to play Uno Moo and went down for his nap early.}


  1. Thanks Rachel. I love you ’cause you love ’em!! 🙂

    Beth, the kids really love it and are always excited to play it. I love it because it is easy to set up, the games generally don’t last too long (so you can have one quick game or several depending on your schedule) and it isn’t messy {because sometimes I am a stick-in-the-mud}.

  2. Uno Moo sounds like a game my little one would enjoy. We always struggle to find games that a 3 year old and a 9 year old can both play and enjoy. So far, Zingo is it.

    Those umbrellas (and the kids holding them) are adorable!

  3. What a beautiful day to celebrate the day. I’ll have to remember this next time its lightly raining. Bet my boys would love it.

    • I just did! I had it when I was on blogger but then moved to WP with a custom domain and never put it back up. It looks kind of sad there with no one following LOL

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