A Box of Rice on a Rainy Day

Routine at our house has flown out the window. The little ones had mild symptoms from their Typhoid and Yellow Fever shots (for Africa), then they caught bad colds and we dealt with that for a week and then last week they had a stomach bug complete with vomiting and diarrhea.

This week I have had a Bunwich order Monday, Tuesday and I have another one today. I need to start it in about an hour. This is good, but busy.

Add that to the fact that I seeded my backyard so the littles need to stay off until the seed sprouts {and it’s been raining constantly anyway}…

I have tons of stuff piling up in my reader; there’s just been *no*time* but I’m {sneaking in} a few minutes right now while my little ones are entertained with a box of rice. It’s drizzly and chilly out; we’ve got the fireplace on and it’s nice and toasty.

  • Box with Lid – Ikea $14
  • Rice – Grocery Store $18
  • Measuring Cups – Epicure
  • Plastic Stacking Cups – Garbage {Found them on the curb on garbage day}
  • Sheet

They LOVE to play with their ricebox. I used to fuss about keeping it in the bin but as long as it is on the sheet, I’ve found that I just grab one end and tipped it all back in. The ricebox just slides right under our coffee table so it’s easily accessible, making it a breeze to get out on a whim and put away in a flash!

Most days I play with them, we have measuring cups and measuring spoons {really awesome ones from Epicure, let me know if you want to order some} and we talk about measurements. It’s a sensory experience and there is so much to learn. It’s very educational but many times we just drive trucks in it, build hills and roads.

I’d have loved dried corn like at the play centre at the agricultural fair but rice is nice too isn’t it?

So that is what we are up to today…rice, Bunwiches and a giveaway a little bit later.

Alas, it is inevitable; they get a little too excitable and it is time to put the rice away…

This was taken several weeks back. John woke up from his nap before Chloe and had a chance to play all by himself. He was very sad when it was time to put the rice away. Poor baby!

  • This was supposed to have been published earlier today….like at 9:30am when I wrote it. Oops!


  1. Hi, and what a GREAT idea that rice box is! I wish I’d thought of that when my kids were little. You can be sure I’ll pass the idea on to others.

    I’m so excited about your trip to Africa!


  2. You are such an awesome Mom Jenn! I will be going out to make a rice box very soon. My boys will LOVE IT!! Thanks for the post 🙂

    Have a wonderful trip to Africa!

  3. Love this idea!
    Just passed on a “Sweet Blog” award to you over at Of Such is the Kingdom. Thanks for writing a great blog!

  4. What a great, great idea!! I’m inspired to make one for my little guy. Any chance you know which Ikea box that is?

    Many thanks!

  5. What a great idea! I use to do something similar with snow when my older daughter wanted to go out to play, but the little one was too little. It was funny watching her play with snow in the house with her mittens on. She also used cups, spoons and measuring cups.

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  7. This is so great. You’ve reminded me that we should pull this old trick out of the hat again. When our eldest was 2, we had a pool filled with rice in our kitchen. We found it a bit too much but I think your idea of a bin is a good one. We have enough bins around our place! We used some food colouring to colour the rice too. Lots of fun! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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