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Last week I asked about teaching little ones obedience without fussing. I was getting a little frustrated with my littles (1 1/2 and 3). We’re leaving soon, I’ve a lot to do and anything that they have learned about obedience seems to have flown out the window over the last few weeks. {Though to be fair, everyone was sick, routines were off and we watched a lot of TV}. Anyway, then I read this and knew that the Lord had led me to it to gently rebuke me and encourage me. With permission I share an excerpt but recommend you head over to read it in it’s entirety. It will bless you I am sure!

…God made no mistake in giving me to you. You are the perfect Mom for me. God will always help you take the best care of me. Promise to stay close to Him and ask Him to help you when I am not so easy to like. Please seek His wisdom, and trust in everything He tells you to do. He won’t lead you in the wrong direction. He loves you mom just as much as you love me, even more!

Please don’t get discouraged or give up on me when I disobey 100 times and ask you the same thing over and over again. I’m learning to understand trust, love and patience. Please don’t get discouraged when I forget what you just told me to do. It is not your fault and I really do care about you. Please don’t buy into my eye rolling or yucky faces when you ask me to do something. Simply look past them, write them off as a phase and continue seeking to push through to my heart.

Please don’t take my lack of thanking you for ungratefulness. Teach me to say thank you more. Teach me to write you love notes so that I will always do that for others when I am big just like you.

Please don’t let my testing you push your button so deep that you begin to give up on getting through to me. I need to know you are going to be there forever no matter what. I don’t mean to hurt you – so when I do, teach me to apologize quickly. I want to grow up and make you proud of me for being an honorable, and humble person. I want to bring glory to God in all I do and need you to help me learn humility when I mess up and hurt anyone with my words or actions.

…and when you mess up, simply say, “I’m sorry.” So I will learn to say, “I’m sorry” too.

Read the whole article here at Totally Tots

Oh, how I need more patience and understanding in raising my little ones. Parenting is such a daunting task when looking at the overall picture and trying to do it on your own. How blessed we are to be able to approach it one day at a time with the help of our Lord!


  1. That was so sweet.

    I remember when I had this huge revelation about parenting – are you ready? It’s pretty deep. 😉

    It occurred to me that when you train a puppy, you don’t expect him to hear your command once and just do it from there on out. That’s why it’s called ‘training’. Because it has to be done over and over. And child training is the same way. We have to say the same things over and over and over and over….

    I am not saying that my children are dogs. (They are much smarter than dogs and much more difficult.) But it just made me realize that I was showing more grace to a puppy than I was to my own children.

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