Celebrating His Design!


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Motherhood is a Beautiful Calling; trumped only by our calling to be helpmeets. Both of these are facets of our ultimate calling and by excelling and honoring these; we bring Him honor and glory!

I would like to share with you an excerpt from an email I received several days ago; not because she speaks kindly of my site {though thank you!} but because the way she expresses womanhood, wifehood and motherhood is so eloquent.

“I’m another Jennifer and my husband and I are expecting our first.  In this day and age where true womanhood and feminine spirituality are lost, where the vocation of marriage and family not to mention the dignity of the home are so misunderstood, attacked and discarded, and parenthood, especially motherhood (and stay at home moms) are looked as subordinate, I thank you for your blog and for acknowledging and joyfully embracing your calling, not just as a woman, wife, and mother, but as a human person called to holiness by an everyday effort to fulfill His will through even the simplest tasks (or greatest challenges).  I’m looking so forward to staying at home with this baby and our future babies and sharing with them this great adventure, helping them (and they helping me) along this pilgrimage toward heaven.

I must say that running into your blog was the most refreshing antidote after coming from my prenatal class where so many of the moms resent the idea of being ‘just a mom’ and have difficulty seeing the dignity of motherhood, let alone their inherent worth and beauty in just being created women (who don’t have to prove themselves out in the world and no matter what shape or size).  It makes me sad but its a cause for prayer.

Each and every pregnancy is indeed a miracle ;]  I marvel over this child each day and over how God has designed us so magnificently to partake in such a miracle.  What a blessing! “

Jennifer and I {and you too, I hope!}  share this “beautiful vision for marriage and family.” Today I hope you have a little pampering {a card, extra kisses, breakfast, lunch or whatever} but rather than making it all about us as mothers, let’s make it all about Him and his amazing design: motherhood!

Thank you Lord, for your amazing and wonderful design. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your work in raising our little {and big!} ones. We praise You for the joys that motherhood brings and for the grace you give us during the times of sorrow that come as well. Help us to embrace our callings more fully and joyfully; to shine in our roles for Your Glory that we may be a testimony to those who do not know you. We love you, Lord!  Amen.

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  1. Hi Jenn,

    I just read your comment on Totally Tots – yes you can definitely share part of the post and link back to the full one.

    God bless you!
    In His amazing grace,

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