Motherhood is a Beautiful Calling

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I am blessed beyond measure; these precious gifts from above. They delight me to no end, and at times are a source of frustration.

They make me laugh, they make me cry. They make me lift up my heart in prayer the way I never have before.

Undeserved, the  Father entrusted me with these tiny souls for Him. They are not mine, but His. {I’m crying}. I hold on to them tightly, knowing that the day will come that I must let go, trusting.

Trusting that He loves them more infinitely, purely and unselfishly than me. Knowing that He is so much more capable of protecting them than I ever could hope to be.  Knowing that even when I think I am in control that I am not!

Whatever season of motherhood you are in is precious, valuable, worthy.

It will soon be  Mother’s Day. I celebrate my two blessings here with great joy. I also celebrate my little one awaiting me in Heaven, for through his conception and death, he taught this mommy so much! I share my story in a miscarriage series. Maybe it will be a help to you, or someone you know.

Mother’s Day can be hard for so many. Those who have lost their mothers, those who long to be mothers, those who are mothers but have no babe in their arms…the list goes on. This Mother’s Day, is there someone we can encourage with a word, a hug, a note, a visit?

These tiny tot years are filled with fun, teamwork, play, laughter, silliness, learning, sharing {and sometimes not!}. What precious fleeting years these are!


  1. It’s been a year since I lost my Quinn to a miscarriage. I look forward to your posts about your miscarriage. I also learned a few things.

  2. […] Motherhood is a Beautiful Calling; trumped only by our calling to be helpmeets. Both of these are facets of our ultimate calling and by excelling and honoring these; we bring Him honor and glory! […]

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