Simple Goals for the Week

Well, GG came for a visit, we had a great time, and now she is gone; time to get back into our routine. We haven’t done many crafts but we did fit in one day of “school” last week.

We worked in Chloe’s favorite “schoolbook”  which is made my Kumon. It’s their At the Zoo workbook and she loves the animals and the mazes. As you can see, she is super ambitious and doing two at one time. LOL. While it is a simple book (and we have more advanced ones too), I hope to cultivate her love of learning from a young age by incorporating subjects that interest her. Animals captivate her.

I am slowly learning to let go of my long (and unnecessary in this season?) to-do list and simplify my days.  Since my priority in this season of littles is simply to bond with them, love on them, enjoy them and instill the basics (love Jesus, obedience), much of my to-do list can wait because it doesn’t directly assist my purpose. So some simple goals for the week include:

  • Back into our loose routine which will be harder than it sounds since the littles had such a blast with GG around. (I’m making baby steps towards a more structured routine.)
  • A walk a day
  • Taking my aunt and uncle to the airport
  • Spring pictures with the littles
  • Getting DH’s car window fixed
  • and tackling the paperwork (again!) on my desk (15 minutes a day)
  • Following up with contacts for a Sizzling Summer 2010 (and fixing the links in last years series. Ah, the joys of wordpress transition)

At some point {for those who emailed}, I will get up a post about our routine as well as my Contentment page since both of those. I always welcome reader questions and look forward to hearing about what you want to read about!

I know this isn’t a crafty post but the colored pictures were all we accomplished last week for Magic Marker Monday.


  1. Looks like it is a lot of fun and educational. We do this kind of stuff daily with our youngest.

  2. I really like the Kumon workbooks too — they’re lots of fun! Looks like you have quite the serious artist there — my youngest is a two-fisted colorer too 😉 Super job Chloe!

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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