Set for a Sizzling Summer 1.0

Sizzling Summer Logo Photo adapted from Zanastardust

Set for a Sizzling Summer? You’re about to be! Join us on Wednesdays to find out what works for me when it comes to important topics about summer!

The Tentative Line Up:

Product Reviews & Giveaways

An important note: This series will feature links to products and many sources of information. Any products that I mention or link to have been tested or used by me and/or my family. I believe them to be useful and beneficial or I would not have included them. This is not a series to promote products but rather any product reviews/giveaways/links are simply to enhance the series.

See you Wednesday!


  1. […] of the most important things to think when getting Set for a Sizzling Summer is Sun Safety. While we love to bask in the glow of Mr. Golden Sun, it can be […]

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  3. […] have lots of giveaways happening as part of our Sizzling Summer. Please make sure when you enter a giveaway that your email address in available somewhere. If it […]

  4. […] us in the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series is Jack and Lily. Last month I posted the initial announcement with an early bird entry […]

  5. […] is key when it comes to a being Set for a Sizzling Summer! It’s much easier to stay well hydrated when you have a beverage close at hand! Innate Gear […]

  6. […] think on of the highlights of our family’s Sizzling Summer is bike rides with our new bike trailer! With it, I can take John (11 months) and Chloe (2 years) […]

  7. […] mentioned earlier that in participation of Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, Ottawa Cloth Diapers kindly sent me a JamTots Wet Bag to […]

  8. […] year during the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, I was first introduced to UV Skinz. If you have a minute, I’d invite you to read last years […]

  9. […] summer activity? I’d love to include your ideas in the series this year.  You can see last year’s series here to get an idea of what the series will look […]

  10. […] announced earlier that participating in the  Set for a Sizzling Summer Series, Moms and Bums sent me a MonkeyDoodlez Swim Diaper to review. It seems appropriate to put up […]

  11. […] us in the Set for a Sizzling Summer Series is Innate Gear. Located in Canada, the manufacture stainless steel water bottles for the […]

  12. […] out our Sizzling Summer series, I’ve mentioned time and time again how important hydration is! Thermos is a trusted name […]

  13. […] my current series, Set for a Sizzling Summer, I am including many featured products and giveaways. I am not writing the series for the products […]

  14. […] got a cool giveaway going on right now compliments of Thermos. The giveaway is part of our Sizzling Summer series; with topics such as sun safety, dangerous waters, Simple Summer Adventures as well as some […]

  15. […] first discovered Ottawa Cloth Diapers when I was setting up Set for a Sizzling Summer. Vicky is such a nice lady with a great online shop, tons of cloth-diapering knowledge and an […]

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