Sizzling Giveaway: UV Skinz are Awesome!!

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One of the first topics covered in our Sizzling Summer Series was sun safety because it is one of the most important things to think when getting Set for a Sizzling Summer. The sun can be deadly! 

Darren was 27 when he began the battle with skin cancer and only 32 when it was finished. Left behind were his wife and three young sons! You think that these types of things happen to ‘other’ people but they happen to real people every day. But because of this tragedy and one woman’s courage, countless tragedies are prevented through research and education!

UV Skinz sent me a UV shirt and board shorts for John-John, who is a year old (today!)! As soon as I opened the package, I fell in love with them. I like the look, the colors and the feel of the material. This was huge for me! My sister used UV suits for her littles long before I had children and I have to admit, I was sort of turned off by the look of them. I didn’t like the fabric or the design and thought they looked silly. I immediately dismissed the idea, after all, my littles would always wear sunscreen.

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Then I had children with sensitive skin and eczema. I did find a sunscreen that works for our family however, if your littles are like mine – the less put on their skin the better! The more skinz they are wearing, the less chemicals I’m putting on my babies (and in the pool)! I came across this site a few days ago. You can look up the toxicity rating of products. I started looking up some of our lotions and sunscreens and some of the results were frightening! Sunscreen made with chemicals linked to cancer?!? Take a minute to look up your brand of sunscreen. you may be surprised at the results!  Now I am certainly not advocating that we discontinue using sunscreen BUT I am certainly on board with using as little as necessary and using products like the UV Skinz line to protect us instead!

Just the right amount of coverage, no reapplying (One application, all day protection*) I know that with sunscreen, we tend to under apply or not reapply often enough. The UV Skinz products provide fast, even coverage! A key word here is fast! Often, when we arrive at the pool, the littles want to dart off right away. Sunscreen needs time to work and takes time to apply. Getting them into their suits is so much easier on me!!

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UV Skinz also has a great selection of sizes, styles and colors to suit every taste. I haven’t seen many choices out there for little littles or older ones. Most stores seem to carry products designed for a limited audience (4 to 7+/-) so I was thrilled to find a company who believes that the entire family should be protected. UV Skinz has great products for all ages, shirts, shorts, hats and more. Hurray! I should also mention that their sizing was right on!

UV Skinz products are comfortable, look nice, the fabric is light and not restrictive at all. A huge plus in my books. While sun safety is of course the big concern, you don’t want to be restricted in your movements for safety and fun’s sake!

UV Skinz are versatile! While originally I had it in my mind that it was his swimming outfit, I eventually (I’m a little slow at times!) figured out that it made a great outfit for playing in the back yard etc. It’s fabric is so lightweight and the style of it means that he can wear it for most summer activities! I love it when something has more than one use!!

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These were just some of my thoughts however you can visit their site for more reasons to use UV Skinz.

I’ve thought and thought about what improvements could be made or what I didn’t like about their products because I like to give constructive criticism to companies and I want to ensure I do a completely honest and balanced review. Well, in this case, I can’t think of anything that I wasn’t happy with. John will probably fit his set next year as well but Chloe will need one. I am completely smitten with this company plan to outfit Chloe with their products next year hopefully in an adorable ladybug style!

Right now is the perfect time to pick up your Skinz if you haven’t already…or you can buy next years because they have an End of Summer Clearance Section.clearance

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  1. Purple Boy Cur Shorts To go with our Popsicle S/S Already!

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  2. I've been looking for these shirts for my husband and I – thanks for the tip! My husband will be getting one for his birthday – now I just need to win one!

  3. Would be nice to have the Baby Bloomers
    Sharky Shorts for my son. What a great idea for protection.

    espressogurl at hotmail dot com

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