TUT: 8 Easy Steps to a Clean Fridge!

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An Adjustment for Better Functioning
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A Small Change, A Minor Correction, A Modification

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I love my planner; it’s beauty, simplicity, ease of use and of course the fact that it is the most amazing tool for keeping me organized and on top of things. According to my planner, I clean out my fridge on Mondays for approx. 12 minutes. Well the past few weeks have been crazy; especially this last week with an order of 150 cupcakes for Wednesday and a Barnyard birthday cake for Friday. It’s been…errr…a while since I cleaned out our fridge. Each time I opened it, I thought, “I have to get this cleaned” and I sort of felt overwhelmed since I didn’t have time to do it just then. Each Monday would come but pass without cleaning the fridge because it was now such a huge job that it didn’t seem like I had the time. But this week I decided to whip it into shape. maybe this is an odd tune-up but here is my fridge…

If I’ve learned anything from Organizing Junkie, it’s that I should start from the ground up.
  1. I put the littles down for their naps; knowing this would give me adequate time.
  2. I emptied everything onto the counter
  3. I removed every shelf and washed it all down with hot soapy water.
  4. I also have the interior a wipe with a vinegar/water solution.
  5. I dried everything with a microfiber cloth for a streak-free look.
  6. I put all shelving back into the fridge…Oooh, clean and shiny!
  7. I then brought my garbage over near the fridge and tossed any expired sauces and condiments along with any leftovers that had gotten lost at the back.
  8. I put our most used items into the areas that are most convenient for us to reach. For us, the left side seems to be our favorite side so I put things that we use frequently there.
  9. Now I can happily return to my Monday 12 minute tidy. Maintenance is key to keeping a clean organized fridge (and leading an organized life!)

Check out that huge head of cauliflower that we bought at the farmer’s market this week. Good thing I cleaned out the fridge so it would fit!

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  1. Jenn,
    I've been cleaning out areas of my house this week too. The boys were gone so I took the opportunity. It's amazing the amount of stuff I've thrown out or donated. But what a great feeling it is to shed stuff and get organized. It was overwhelming at first but each day I've accomplished a little more 🙂

    Great post!

  2. Hhmmm.. good tips! Maybe next time I can clean out our fridge and let mom rest. 🙂
    Do you watch How Clean is your House? Those two Brit ladies give pretty cool ideas on what to use and how to clean things and places around the house. I remember specially that episode wherein one of them put half of a lemon inside the fridge so the odor will go away. Nice huh?

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