Pop Bottle Birdhouse Craft

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The tots got a magazine from McDonalds a while back that had a pop bottle birdhouse craft in it. Since moving here last spring and hanging up our first ever feeder, our family has become bird watchers. The tots love, love, love watching the birds come to the feeder and trying to identify them. But […]

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Decorate Your Lysol Hand Soap Dispenser Contest

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A few years back we discovered Lysol No Touch Soap Dispensers and I fell in love. Actually, I think our first one was a sample we got at Walmart. I remember thinking it was sort of a useless idea. Until I tried it. Now it is a kitchen staple! There are many varieties of soap […]

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Crock A Doodle

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Chloe and John love craft time. I was delighted to discover  Crock A Doodle – pottery painting fun for all ages. Isaac’s KinderMusik class met there for one class last month and we made a handprint tile. It’s so cute! We went back the following week and the tots had a great time as they […]

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Educational Fun: Bird Feeders

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  Today began with a flurry of excitement; some new birds at the feeder. Immediately Chloe is grabbing our bird book and thrusting it at me. What kind of bird is it mom?!?! Feathery Friends of Our Feeders Chickadees Blue Jays A lot of Downy Woodpeckers {and one special one named Fred} Unidentified Dove {see […]

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Displaying, Storing and Parting with Children’s Artwork

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When Chloe first started coloring and doing crafts, we cherished every one and found somewhere to display it. With two preschoolers in the house suddenly we are overwhelmed with artwork and creations. While I still take time to admire each one, I no longer want to keep them or display them all. So what do […]

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DIY: Easy Art Display Clothesline

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   Wondering how to display artwork in your child’s room without a bulletin board or traditional methods? Why not a clothes line? I saw Work of Art Clips at Land of Nod and thought I’d do my own spin on it. Cheap and Customizable A little string, some embellishments from the buck store or your […]

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Tot School: Salt Dough Ornaments

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When the post Salt Dough Ornaments by Happy Housewife  popped up in my reader, I knew this was something to add to our holiday to-do list. The littles enjoyed it and now we have lots of personalized gifts for friends, teachers and family. Her recipe was simple with ingredients we had on hand. Simply roll […]

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Tot School: Finger Painting & Trains

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View Full Album Painting This week we did some painting. We painted some with brushes and some with our fingers to see (and feel!) the differences. They came up with some really great stuff. Using a couple Clips Rimless Frames from Ikea, we framed their favorites and put them up in their rooms. John was […]

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Happy Father’s Day

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View Full Album   This year daddy got a pretty special gift; Teva Sandals. I know that he enjoyed those however the real gifts were the coloring pages, artwork with poem and the special herb garden we planted for him. Daddy loves cooking so the herb garden will bring him great joy this season. We […]

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Craft Time: Egg Carton Tulips

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View Full Album   GG arrived last week. We wanted to make her arrival special. We made some welcome banners, drew some special pictures and made a “vase of flowers” to greet her when we picked her up at the airport. Egg Carton Tulips Cut out the egg holders into 12 little cups. Then cut […]