DIY: Easy Art Display Clothesline

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Wondering how to display artwork in your child’s room without a bulletin board or traditional methods? Why not a clothes line? I saw Work of Art Clips at Land of Nod and thought I’d do my own spin on it.

Cheap and Customizable

A little string, some embellishments from the buck store or your local craft store and you can completely customize your own art display. Whether you want to display it on the wall, under a shelf etc. you can make it as big or small as you need for anywhere in the house!


Hiding it under a shelf:

Using a little string and a few decorated clothes pegs from the dollar store, we strung it across the bottom of her shelf {thus avoiding holes in the freshly painted walls!}. Chloe was delighted and immediately chose four pictures to display. I figured four was a good number because it fits the space. Also, she happens to be four years old. She can display whichever four she wants but in order to hang something new up, an old creation has to go. This also helps her decide which ones are important to her.

I was taking a picture and Chloe asked to get in on it. She’s pretty excited about her new clothesline and proud of her artwork!


A clothesline art display works for me! Next week I’ll be sharing how else we display, store and save artwork as well as some ideas for what to do with it all. You can’t keep and display it all!


  1. This is a great idea! I’d done the same thing in my son’s room with pictures that I had taken and printed. We put it up high where he couldn’t get to them. I love it under that shelf, though, and where he can switch out his artwork whenever he wants.

    Thanks! (I came over from WFMW.)

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