Packing for Camp Y.E.S. 2014

YES! Going to Camp Y.E.S. 2014

It’s Chloe’s first year heading to camp by herself for a week. I’m pretty sure she’s ready and I’m not. It helps that every year (except 1) we’ve went to Family Camp for a week there so she’s familiar with the grounds as well as the lovely families that live there year round and she is friends with their children. Oh, and our Pastor’s daughter is her counselor this week…a gift from the Lord for this mama!

I saw a packing list on the registration form but only glanced at it. When I went to pack her, I looked but the registration forms are no longer online. I have no idea what she is supposed to bring. I thought back to my years at camp and hope I covered everything.

What I Packed:

  • Clothing (dresses, tees, underwear, bike shorts, leggings, socks, pj’s, sweaters, rain coat}
  • Running Shoes (she wore her sandals)
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, sheet
  • Bathing Suit, Towel
  • Bible
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, shampoo, itch stick, toothbrush/paste, face cloth, hair elastics, brush
  • Flashlight
  • Laundry bag
  • Love notes for each day along with corny jokes that she will laugh at

What I Know that I Missed:

  • Health Card {but her number is on her registration form and I’d drive the card down in a heart beat if something happened but next year I will be like the other organized people and send a photocopy}.
  • Baseball Glove {John mentioned this while we were already driving to the church. Not sure if it was necessary? I did take one to camp as a kid but…}

We had her all packed up to go but the other day when we were at Costco, DH and I saw this hockey backpack and knew it was a great solution; {at least I hope it is, guess I’ll find out when she gets home}. Anyway, it fit all her clothes along with her rain jacket, towel and extras. I was also able to put her pillow, sheets and sleeping back in it with room to spare. I love that it has a telescope handle and wheels so she can pull it along with ease.

Chloe did not take Ducky, her special sleepy blanket that she has had since birth. She did decide to take Slush, her husky that was a gift from a couple in our church. She packed Slush in her bag. When she arrived at the bus and discovered other girls had brought “friends” too, she immediately had me dig Slush out. She’s such a little girl, turning into a big girl. Don’t grow too fast little bear!

As we drove to the church, I quizzed Chloe on what we do if we have a problem, what should we do with our wet things, what happens if…to make sure we had hopefully discussed anything that might come up. After all, especially as homeschoolers, she is with me all the time. Anyway, John got right into this conversation and began to quiz her about what happens if she is out with friends and they step into quick sand…lol. He drew her a picture so she wouldn’t forget him. He’s in the back yard right now with a couple neighborhood friends but I think later tonight, he’s going to feel lonely.

So, go ahead and tell me, what did I forget to pack that she’s going to need?


  1. Chloe looks excited! I was thinking you would have to make the drive to camp, but how nice she gets to go on a bus! 🙂

    I hope her week has gone well!! Today the weather is lovely.

    I’m sure the house is quieter, it is amazing how much of a difference there is with just one child missing. I’m sure you are all looking forward to her return!!

  2. Tanya, I am amazed at how much quieter it is. It’s our church VBS this week though so we kept pretty busy anyway. I certainly am missing her this week – her first real adventure that didn’t include me. Different!
    I was thankful that the weather warmed up this week as we’d definitely had some chilly days the week before. 🙂

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