Tiny Tidbits 8.14


John and Chloe were sitting at the kitchen table at my parents house one morning eating breakfast, still in their Pj’s. Mom and I were in the sitting room chatting when we saw John suddenly look over at Chloe and say, “Woman,  do something with your hair!!”

In the van while driving one day John asked me if Isaac might have the bee disease? I told him I didn’t think so but wondered where he had heard of this b disease? I saw it on TV at granny’s house. It said if you think you might have bee disease,  talk to your doctor! {I’m thinking maybe those Hep B commercials? lol.}

Chloe comes flying up my parents stairs in excitement one evening and interrupts the adult conversation with the exciting announcement: “Mom, Payless Shoes sells shoes for the whole family!!!!!!!!!”. Trying to keep a straight face I asked if she thought that they had shoes for moms and dads as well as grandpas and grannys? She told me she was pretty sure they did and she was going to go back down and find out.


“Mom, are we ever going to go to dream land?” John asked me. “What is dream land?” I ask. “You know, mom, everyone loves dream land.” (sang to the tune of everyone loves MarineLand, which apparently where he would like to go some day.)

Seems like a lot of my tidbit-entertainment this month comes from my children watching commercials at my parents house. Glad we don’t have TV at our place – they truly are very easily influenced.

"What do my socks say?"
"Today’s Thursday"
And the little boy in Kangaroo costume and the striped-socks-that-say-Friday looks crestfallen.

Today on the way to Isaac’s doctor appointment, the children and I were having a chat about the difference between Mercy and Grace. A few minutes later Chloe spotted an A & W up ahead. She quickly asked me, “Mom, can you show some mercy and grace and buy me a hamburger?” Laughing, I asked her to explain how that would be showing her mercy and grace {already getting into the turn lane}. Between John and her, they managed to come up with the fact that I would be giving them something that they didn’t deserve {grace}and also Chloe had not eaten her lunch properly so she deserved to be hungry and I would spare her the hunger {mercy}. I have to admit it was pretty good thinking on their part. I hope this lesson sticks with them. {and yes, we all enjoyed our Mama Burgers}.


And Isaac, well, he doesn’t talk so much but the other day I was grating pounds and pounds of zucchini and ended up cutting my finger. I took two minutes to go to the bathroom and bandage myself and returned to find Isaac ‘helping’. I use the term ‘helping’ quite loosely as you can see from the pictures! I tried a new recipe, zucchini bread by A Beautiful Mess, and it was amazing!!