Our Summer Reading Project

Summer Reading

July 2nd is our local library’s official kickoff for their summer reading challenge. This year, our family is going to participate. In fact, the kids are so super excited that we’ve started already!

With my swim bag continually packed, our summer inevitably is filled with beach trips, splash pads, camping, picnics, watermelons, popsicles and of course, Kinder eggs. Much of that happens with out too much planning on my part. This summer, I want to be more intentional when it comes to reading in our family though, after all, reading isn’t just enjoyable and beneficial September to June. With the children still young, for this to happen, mama has to be intentional.

The children were super excited when I presented them with their binders – the fun kind with the clear front pocket – so they could decorate their cover page.

Summer Reading Project

Many of the books we will read are new, and we’re revisiting some old ones that we haven’t read in a while. Some I read, some Chloe reads along; picture books, board books, novels…

I’ve been thankful for things like the library,  internet, a computer, a printer…because it’s been fun making a simple project page for the children to remind us of each book we’ve read. I’ve also had a little help on the projects for some of the longer books, like Little House in the Big Woods. At the end of the summer it will be fun to look though our binders and see what exciting adventures we had in the pages of those books, to see what we learned, and what we imagined…

What we’ve read so far: The Giving Tree, A Grain of Rice, Where the Wild Things Are, and the first few chapters of Little House in the Big Woods.

My children love reading already but may I share just how motivating, rewarding and delicious a little Kinder Egg can be?

We plan to camp for a week in July and have a Disney World vacation coming up at the end of summer as well as I plan to squeeze in a visit (or two or three) up to my parents house as well. Road trips, books and Kinder go well together. I was going to say my favorite Kinder prizes are the ones you get to put together because it provides a little diversion at those moments when it’s really needed but I also like the little prizes that have play value as well. Remember the fuzzy animals? If each of your children in the back seat ends up with one, they can play together for a while before they start arguing again.

A reminder to myself for when we go to Florida, or for any of you who travel outside Canada – Kinder® Surprise® eggs are not allowed to cross the border so if you don’t want any hassle, you’d best leave the Kinder Egg goodness at home. {Though if the Kinder was not for the children but just for you, try their mini eggs if you can find them….they’re probably my #1 favorite Kinder chocolate!}

  • So if you have big plans for travel (not in the USA), take Kinder as a snack and a diversion.
  • If you’re looking for some ideas for summer fun around home, Kinder is great way to add in a little extra fun.
  • And if you have a stack of books you’re hoping to make it through with the children this summer? Read through a few and then have a little reward.
  • Kinder’s Facebook page is teeming with other mama’s such as yourself. Make sure to swing by for all sorts of tips, games and ideas to make your summer a splash!

No matter what your summer plans are, Kinder can add to the Egg-citement. {insert your own eye roll here if necessary, I won’t be offended.}

Happy Summer!

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  • “Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”

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  1. Good for you!! I had plans of spending time reading with the children, but we haven’t even gotten started yet. I have books that I bought for this and haven’t even told the children about them I wanted to surprise them! LOL I think it isn’t to late to start… 😀

    So neat to have met you and wow, our blog titles are so close! Amazing…. When coming up with a title for my blog back when I started in 2005, I wasn’t sure what to call it. I have always thought of my calling as a wife and mama beautiful and a gift from God, so I had decided to call my blog “A Beautiful Calling”. What we do is such a beautiful calling and it has been a great reminder for me. I’ve often referred to it as my own ABC’s. 🙂

    God bless and I look forward to staying in touch!

    You have such a beautiful family. 🙂

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