Family Camp 2014

Camp 2014  

This past week Harvester’s Baptist Church hosted Family Camp and our family was able to go. Well, not DH because he was hard at work this week, but the rest of us were able to go. We’ve been going every year since 2007 when Chloe was 6 months old except last year.

Anyway, what fun we had! This year Chloe and John (7 and 5) were substantially more independent and spent most of their free time romping about with friends which left mama quite a bit of ‘free’ time to visit and get to know some other mamas. Would you believe that when I stop to count, it was seven other mama’s I’d never met before? How fun! One of the ladies I met this week blogs as well. We almost share a name (visit her at A Beautiful Calling) and seem to share many other interests as well. She lives on a farm!! {I think that would be amazing!}.  I exchanged addy’s with many of the mamas and I hope to get to know them a little more throughout the coming year.

Camp Horseback Riding

Some highlights?

John asked me to “please wake him up if the tent blew away.”

John spent the week finding and gathering treasures. He was over-the-moon excited when he found a robin’s egg intact. Alas, his mistake? Putting it in his pocket! Despite mama telling him it wouldn’t hatch, he felt the need to keep it warm. But with rocks, screws and other ‘treasures’ in his pockets, the egg didn’t stand a chance; John soon had a wet pocket.

Chloe loved the independence of sitting with her friends for lunch and also for church time. The young ladies at the camp did a phenomenal job with the Junior Church each evening and Chloe looked forward to it each night!

Chloe and John loved going to tuck shop each day. For those who don’t know what Tuck is, it’s a little camp store that sells treats, drinks and such. Anyway Isaac quickly learned what Tuck was as well and he looked forward to his Kit Kat each day; apparently he loves chocolate!

Isaac also loved the slip and slide. It was his first time going down it. He squealed and giggled all the way down, flapping his little arms in excitement. The camp uses a very long piece of plastic down the hill, combining water and soap for a super fun time!

 Camp Slip and Slide

The camp food was great and combined with the activities and the constant fresh air, my children ate like horses!! Especially little Isaac. He would eat his food and then he would reach around and try to take food off other people’s plates if I didn’t refill his plate fast enough.

I also really enjoyed the preaching and teaching throughout the week as well. One of my favorite messages was was about how Life is All About Relationships; it’s not about possessions, positions, housework…whatever. It’s about people. I’m praying that I will remember that as I go about my days. Perhaps it’s a reminder you need as you go through your days too?


  1. Hello!!

    I’ve had my post in the works since yesterday and I finally got it posted. I enjoyed reading about your time at camp. I was really blessed by the message about relationships as well, gave me lots to ponder and think on.

    This week we are back to the usual routine and I must now go and get the beans and cucumbers pick. I think we will pick cucumbers first and have lunch and then pick beans. 🙂

    Take care and God bless you, sweet friend!

  2. Oh, your garden sounds wonderful; I sure do love fresh cucumbers!! Oh, and carrots – washed in the hose and eaten immediately. Yum 🙂

  3. Yes, wash the carrots first, but you know, my children love eating them right out of the garden. Just brushing the dirt off and eating…. I have to wash mine, I’m not fond of the extra crunch… LOL

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