30+ Activities for a Sizzling Summer Adventure

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As part of our Sizzling Summer, let’s talk about some fun ideas for making summertime memorable. Here is a great list of things that Work for Me or that I am planning to try!

Water Related:

Sprinkler Day: Suit up, slather up and have fun!

Beach: If you are fortunate enough to have a beach close to you, make sure you take advantage of it. Sandcastles, shell collecting and, of course swimming!

Backyard: Buy an inexpensive kiddie pool to splash in, make friends with someone who has a pool or just fill up Rubbermaid tubs of water for a splashin’ good time!

Community: Many community pools have a specific time or day that they have reduced rates and most cities have free splash-pads in the parks.

At Home:

Popsicle Tree (or a sucker-tree or any sort of treat really). I read about this idea on someone’s blog in the past couple weeks and apologize because I can’t remember whose it was to give them credit. Anyway, when the littles are otherwise occupied, use some string or ribbon to put the treats in a tree. What a delightful and fun surprise!

Tent Time! Set up a tent in the back yard. You can sleep in there or just have a fun evening playing “camping”. Use flashlights to make shadow puppets, bake up some gooey s’mores in the oven or pop up some popcorn for a yummy snack!

Eat ice cream more often (compliments of Life as Mom)

Meal Mix-up. Have lunch for breakfast and breakfast for lunch. I mentioned in this post how Gram used to let me have ice-cream for breakfast. While this certainly wouldn’t be something I would recommend for the long run, it might be a fun surprise one morning this summer!

Have a fight! a water balloon or squirt gun fight that is 🙂 You can get the supplies at the Dollar Store. I will never forget the look on my serious husbands face on that sunny day that he was inside was watching TV while sitting on the couch. I snuck in and blasted him with a super soaker 🙂 I’m amazed that I am still alive! LOL.

Have a Bubble-Mania (compliments of We are THAT Family – go there for more info)

Plant a Garden (5dollardinners is square foot gardening)

Mud Pies: Messy but oh, so fun!

Party Time! Summer is the perfect time to have friends and family over more often. BBQ, potluck, picnic on the deck…the possibilities are endless. Watch for the guest post coming up on BBQ Time!

Sidewalk Chalk: Great for artwork, tic-tac-toe or making a grid for hopscotch

Skipping: I always loved skipping. Alone or in a group, it’s fun and great exercise!

Summer Reading. Get your list ready to go. Summer is a great time to get through those books you’ve been waiting to read.

Out and About:

Go for a walk collecting rocks to make rock critters

Plan a picnic in the yard, at the beach or the park! (Picnic Essentials coming up!)

Play at the Park and meet new friends. There are often more new people at the parks in the summer months!

Visit your library more often

Participate in free programs offered my your library or community center (story time etc.)

With littles, check out the resources at the Early Years Center

Join a toy-lending library for new fun things!

Berry Picking – Yummy!

Check out local festivals and events held in or near your community. Mark the dates of fireworks displays and parades on your calendar.

Does your church do a Vacation Bible School? Get involved! If not, is there one near you?

Fishing is a fun summer activity. Check the regulations and laws in your area about where to fish and if you need a license. If you catch any fish – have a fish fry! YUMMY!

Outdoor Group Games: Round up the neighbors for a game of baseball, soccer, capture the flag, hide and seek, tag or any other fun outdoor games you can think of!

Visit local farms and farmers markets. A great way to learn new things and pick up some of your groceries at the same time 🙂

Adventures that Cost a Bit:

Zoo: We love the zoo and we got a great deal on a membership but the cost really adds up if you take more than just yourself. Sometimes the zoo offers discount days so look into that. Our zoo also has a splash pad so if you pack your own lunch and bring drinks, it would be a pretty adventurous day!

Theme Parks/Water Parks: Canada’s Wonderland & Marine Land are ones that are relatively close to us. My littles are to little to care but I know this may be something that they would like when they are older. The cost of going is significant! Sometimes there are discount tickets sold or perhaps a season pass is the way to go. Growing up we went to a waterslide park each summer in Winnipeg, MB and I have wonderful memories to cherish from those times!

Mini Golf: I’m terrible at it but for some reason I love it. Good childhood memories I guess 🙂

Bowling: Same as above. Chloe is 2 and she’s been twice and loved it both times. Did I mention I bowl by holding the ball in two hands, bending at the waist and rolling it down the lane. Yes, I am sure that is why it is like pulling teeth to get Scott to take me bowling LOL

Camping: When we lived up north this was relatively inexpensive since you could just go camp somewhere in the bush. In southern Ontario there isn’t a lot of random forest available for camping so we actually have to pay to go camping. About $30/night for a site. This can really add up but I have amazing memories of camping and will share a post about that coming up in the series.

What fun summer activities does your family do? Please share!


  1. This is a great list! I would add -eat watermelon and have a seed spitting contest, -have a Tie-dye party and let everyone tie-dye a shirt or something. You could even serve cupcakes with "tie-dyed" (think swirly colors) frosting…I LOVE SUMMER:)

  2. Great post! These are some really fun ideas. We will have to try a few out this summer. Thanks!

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