Thankful for Thankfulness

June13 034 On Friday we made our second trip ever to Toys R Us. Nana (Great-Grandmother), GG (Grandmother), the littles and of course Scott and I. We ended up getting a bike trailer (it’s on the way), a funny ball and a scooter for Chloe.

On the way home from the store (a 1/2 hour drive), Chloe was singing a song in the back that went like this:

“tank you daddy, tank you mommy, tank you GG, tank you Nana; scooter – hurray!”

It melted my heart to hear her recognizing that being given something is cause for thankfulness.

We got home and of course the scooter is in need of assembly. This is Scott’s department. Chloe tried to wait patiently and at one point was jumping up and down saying, “I so ‘cited, daddy, I so ‘cited!!” Again, my heart just melted!

Chloe was delighted with the scooter and though I would have picked “econo” scooter, her grandmothers indulged her and she ended up with a fancy Thomas scooter. I am thankful for their generosity.

June13 039

Lord, thank you for the thankful spirit that Chloe is displaying. Please help me to cultivate a thankful spirit in everything!

  June13 041

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  1. What adorable pictures – she looks so happy!! It's very heartwarming to hear our children express gratitude.

  2. Isn't she so precious. I just love the look on her face while she's on her scooter. You are teaching her well for her to be so thankful at this age. God Bless and hugs

  3. I am so grateful that I have 2 loving wonderful grandchildren & a fantastic daughter in law & son

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