Garden Rock Critters Rock!

It was the simplest of ideas; cheap, easy to make, and lasting…

Rock Critters!

This is one of the last rock critters we have kicking around. I would say he’s about 20+/- years old. He resides in moms garden. His eyes are missing so he just has rocks propped up on him. We used to have dozens of them but when you move clear across the province (a 23+/- hour drive), you can only transport so many rocks, regardless of sentimental value. At least that is what they told us when we were packing…I personally would have left the furniture and brought more rocks 🙂

How To Make a Rock Critter

  1. Choose your size rock and two smaller rocks for eyes. A rock about the size of a iron makes the best size I think but we made them smaller and larger and they looked fabulous set up as a little critter family!
  2. Paint the body a light color (or leave it natural if it is a light colored rock to begin with)
  3. Paint the spots a darker color (or use markers…not sure about crayons)
  4. Paint the smaller rocks black and glue on
  5. Paint on a mouth

My grampa helped us create these. We should have went into business I think. Growing up with Grandpa was such blessing! He’s in the hospital right now and could use your prayers!



  1. What a fun idea – my girls are into nature and would really eat this up. Thanks! I will pray for your Grandpa, as well.

  2. I made this one with Gramps! And to make the mouth he cut out of cardboeard the mouth and spraypainted the inside of the cutout. Loke a tracer I guess.Sorry Jenn I forgot about going and getting a pic!! Sandy

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