Tiny Tidbits 10.13


Chloe, John and Isaac with Grandpa in the Gator

“Mom, I’m being Initiative” ~ Chloe, on cleaning the bathroom and her bedroom the other morning. {Thanks Patch the Pirate for your inspiring song “Initiative, that’s the way, to make us joyful every day. Initiative, see a task, do it before you’re asked.”}

“The Lord is my Shepherd I don’t want? But I do!” ~ John, on Psalm 23:1


My two boys – love them to pieces!

This pizza tastes rich. It really feels like it cost a lot of money.” ~ John attempting to expand his vocabulary. The night before DH and I were talking about the richness of the cheesecake we were eating.

These are the things that are fancy: fast trucks, fireman, policeman and garbage men, beautiful leaves on trees, snacks, mama, my bow & arrow and mama’s real one. There are lots of fancy things in life, huh?”  ~ John {who uses the word fancy like cool, awesome etc. He likes to randomly list “fancy” things that he likes. His lists always warm my heart.}


Chloe and her cousin playing in the most beautiful trickling stream.

At Pizza Hut the other day Chloe started wildly waving to a little girl across the restaurant. DH and I quizzed her about where she knew her friend from. Sunday School? Awana? Swimming Lessons? Nope, it turns out they met in the bathroom a few minutes ago. DH found this particularly entertaining – bathroom pals.

Every time I turn around Chloe has brought something home. An old blanket, a plastic horse, a plush rabbit purse covered in mud…most of it ends up going in the trash can. Finally in exasperation I asked her to “please stop bringing stuff on the curb home!” to which she replied, “ But mom you always do that…” which made me laugh because it’s true. My favorite find lately is this frame; just in a pile on the curb on garbage day!

Barbie – So Ken, what fun things are we going to do today?
Ken – Well, we could hang upside down like bats. That’s always fun
{as Chloe carefully balances Ken upside down with his feet hanging on the edge of the barbie house roof} ~ {I’m putting laundry away and listening in on Barbie and Ken…makes me laugh!}

Mama! Isaac is growing up. He looked both ways before he crossed the hallway.”      ~ John, so proud of his brother!