Happy Thanksgiving Canadians

Giant Pumpkin     

{Giant Pumpkin at the Fall Fair was almost 1500 pounds! Chloe for some reason was more impressed by the tomato display – which is where she is during this photo.}        

“Thank God for grace, thank God for mercy.

When I fall on my knees, thank God He hears me.

When the burdens seem too hard to bear,

Thank God, I know He cares.

Loves me and gives me peace.

Thank God for these.”

                                                   ~ I Believe God CD by Pastor Lake and Family                       

This chorus is from the song Thank God for These written and sung by the Lake family. They were at our church revival this summer. I love the reminder. He is so good and He’s given us so many blessings. It’s easy to be thankful for those; and it’s good to be thankful for material blessings of family, friends, food (chocolate!), a home, a good church…but this song reminds me to be especially thankful for  ‘these’ other amazing gifts I (and you?) receive daily. 

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?