Kinder Princesses and Marvel Heroes

Kinder Princess

Chloe (6) is my princess and John (5) is my hero. Never were the children more glad that mama is a KinderMom than the other day when we received a box with the new Kinder Eggs. Both begged to open the box immediately.

What Makes a Princess? Ever since I can remember, Chloe has loved princesses. She has many, many princess dress up clothes and of course many of her church dresses make her feel like a princess too. This past Sunday, she donned a beautiful church dress, had her hair straightened and tied up with ribbons and she twirled. I laughed and told her she looked like a princess, then I reminded her that the princesses weren’t special just because of their outward beauty but because of the beautiful characteristics on the inside. Cinderella had a great work ethic, a thankful and happy heart, the ability to try and see the best in people as evidenced in her conversation with Bruno about Lucifer. Belle demonstrated a sacrificial spirit, family loyalty, commitment, as well as the ability to love despite outward appearance. Snow White is kind, very gentle, pure, good with animals, nurturing, and so very helpful. I could go on and on but all of the princesses demonstrate an inner beauty and strength in some capacity. That’s what makes a real princess, I tell my beautiful girl!

Be A Hero! DH is a comic collector; trade paperbacks, hardcovers, statues, art… you name it. From the very beginning, John loved superheroes, just like daddy. Like his sister, John has many dress up clothes: pirates, cowboys, fire and police wear and of course, superhero costumes. He too enjoys dressing up and I encourage it. I also encourage him to be a hero every day. I want him to demonstrate braveness, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, faithfulness and to encourage others to as well. I want him to be a champion to the underdog, to have courage to stand up to a bully, to show kindness to the new child and compassion to those in need. Yes, I want my son to be a hero. Oh, and those bad guys? They’re a good example of what not to be!

Kinder Eggs

My children love the Kinder chocolate but really, the real treat is the toy! You can see and share all the new toys on the Kinder Canada Facebook page.

Chloe’s first eggs revealed Ariel and Aurora; she loved them both but I know she’s hoping for Jasmine or Rapunzel. Who’s your daughter’s favorite princess?

DH’s top choices as a grown up comic lover are Spiderman, Ironman and Captain America. Amazingly enough, John’s choices mimic daddy’s; like father like son! Who’s your son’s favorite hero? 

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