Modesty For Me

Modesty For Me

I discovered Modesty For Me this past spring. I immediately contacted them  about doing a review and Cindy was happy to partner up. Unfortunately, due to Isaac’s health and appointments I was unable to complete the review at that time. I paid for the review cami that was sent to me and decided that when I had a moment, I would do a review of the camis simply because I love them.

My Cami Dilemma

I find that whatever I wear, I almost always find the tops too low. Even if they are not too low while standing upright, with three tots in tow, I am often bending over and find that the neckline doesn’t give the coverage that I require to be comfortable.

While there are no shortage of camis and tanks on the market these days, again, none are quite perfect. I’ve had the following issues:

  • Regular camis – not quite high enough
  • Regular camis- not quite long enough
  • Regular camis – fabric is too spandexy = hot to wear.
  • Regular camis – limited colors

My Search

I’ve looked and looked in our local shops and nothing at all meets my needs on height and length. I spent time one day searching and examining all the camis I could find online. I came across many but for one reason or another, I was just not sold. Then I found Modesty for Me. At first, I only ordered two,  one black and one white. They are pricey and I wanted to be sure I was happy with the quality.

My Review Thoughts

Since my initial order of one white and one black with lace trim, I have ordered several more white, as well as a hot pink and a beige. I plan to order another black, no lace, a chocolate brown and perhaps another white or two. I wear them daily!

  • I wash cold and hang dry. I have had no issues with shrinkage.
  • They are comfortable and breathable cotton.
  • A little bit of stretch means they are smooth underneath tops.
  • The necklines are high enough – and with fully adjustable straps (not just that partial adjustment that some offer!), you  control the height of the neckline!
  • They are also long enough so that they don’t roll around my middle and also can peek out the bottom of my tee if I so choose.
  • Lots of colors, with the lace option for a dressier look.
  • They wash well. I’ve been washing and wearing mine daily for over 6 months ago, am am very pleased with them. They show no to minimal wash wear and are holding up beautifully.
  • Good company customer service. I did have one small manufacturing issue with a cami and the seams of the straps. They responded promptly and the issue was taken care of.

My Verdict

Based on my 6 month experience with the wash/wear of these camis,  worth the price – they will last! If you have neckline and/or length concerns, I really would recommend giving these a try!

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  1. Thanks for the review! I have been shopping recently for back-to-work clothing, and find that many cannot be worn without a cami. I am currently on the lookout for some great pieces, so I appreciate the recommendation!

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