Sonlight Instructor Guides are Great!

You know one of my favorite things about Sonlight, aside from the delightful books that make up the bulk of the curriculum, is their instructor guides. I love how it is laid out, how we can skip and add and make it work for our family. We’re using Core A and enjoying it immensely. I love the books and the topics we cover; both are just so perfect for my children and their interests. James Herriot’s Treasury for Children is probably one of my all time favorite books now; add it to your book wish list today!! In Grandma’s Attic was another book that we really enjoyed. It’s similar to “little house” books, with wonderful morals and lessons!

Anyway, I snapped a few pictures from my instructor guide several weeks back. I love all the funny little bits they add in {like how a stalactite is the one that needs to hang on “tite” from above!}. I also love how, though the books aren’t necessarily Christian books, we get to teach our children how to look at the world with a Christian worldview; they have to learn how to see His handiwork and His values.


But for the record, we also have lots of great missionary stories and other wonderful ‘Christian’ reads that come along with the curriculum too.

I’m so thankful for the privilege of teaching our children at home, and I am thankful for Sonlight for making it so easy. Not having to do an incredible amount of planning leaves room in our days for the really fun stuff, the stuff that life is all about!

IMG_0513 Like swinging on a swing like a big boy!

Or running super fast.IMG_0545

Now John knows a good time counting acorns! IMG_0555