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These are the lines of a story is probably one of the best posts I’ve read lately. Or maybe not the best but definitely one that choked me up! If you are a mama – go read it. Laugh lines, stretch marks – whatever. Find the beauty in them. “May you catch each falling moment in your hands and kiss it as it goes.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this article, ‘First Time Obedience Really?’. I had the privilege of listening to Clay and Sally speak this spring as well as to meet some of their children in person. They’re authentic and real.And their children turned out really well. They challenged me as a mother to look more at the heart than at the behavior.

I have no idea how I stumbled across this blog post, How to Be OK with Where You Are (Chapter 5). God must have known that I needed the reminder that He knows where I am and He knows how I feel and He’s leading me. I just have to follow.

“When your name is Bitter, you tend to see only what you don’t have”. She’s talking about Ruth and Naomi but that statement applies to me sometimes. Sometimes I see what I don’t have instead of what I do. Ouch!

More than Pretty was short and sweet and to the point. Have a daughter? Take a moment to read it.

Giving up on being the perfect mom? A great goal for the summer. I just want to be that mom who is in the moment. There. Ready. And I really need to work on learning to apologize to my children when I am snappy or lose my temper. I can apologize to others in a heart beat {DH can attest to that} but I find it hard when it comes to the little people I love so much.

“I think it was Peter Leithart who said, “Let there be a garden of Yes surrounding your tree of No.” Saying no to your kids and fighting the dragon says, “Every no is a yes to something else. Can we see it?”

I know summer has started already but I just printed off my summer bucket list – which actually isn’t mine. I borrowed it from Michelle who was kind enough to share hers with me. She’ll share it with you too! So go ahead!

“The fewer choices children, (or adults), have, the more likely they will be happy and grateful for what they have been given.” Sally is talking about thankfulness and gratitude. I think I am guilty of allowing too much “stuff” into our home which is cultivating attitudes in myself and my children that I hadn’t intended. Oh, to guard our hearts!

Praying on the Hours seems like an interesting idea.

Homeschooling? Read 30 Truths About Homeschooling! You’ll be chuckling at some and nodding at others!

Did you write something interesting today? Or uninteresting for that matter? I’d love to read a reader’s post today. Link it in the comments!

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