Family, Fun, Fellowship and Fish


So every year some of the families from our church head up to the Kawartha Lakes area where they rent cottages for the week and have fun, fellowship and fish. Oh, and then we eat those fish. Mmm!

The children and I were able to go up for three days this year and let me say, it was so much fun. It was great to get to know some church family a little better, do some fishing and swimming  and did I mention we ate fish?!?

I also learned a whole lot this week about fishing. Growing up we used minnows as bait but apparently the fish in that lake eat worms – eww. Funny, I had no issue putting minnows on but it took some will-power to force myself to put yucky worms on the hook! Thank goodness for pocket knives and garden gloves! I also learned what a pickerel rig is and how to filet a sunfish. {which is much harder than cleaning a pickerel in my opinion!}.

Next year, we’re going to try get up for the whole week.

Do you have a yearly summer vacation tradition?

  • Spending time with church family – and eating fish – is a finer thing!

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