A Turtle’s Tale 2 – Sammy Escapes From Paradise

Turtle Table Decor

Once our party package arrived from Mom Central, I heard very little else. “Mama, when is our Sammy party? How many more sleeps?”.

My children watched A Turtle Tale on Netflix a few weeks back. They absolutely loved it and we then watched it a dozen more times that week. Imagine their excitement when I told them we would have the opportunity to have A Turtle Tale 2 movie party!

But today was the day. We decorated our table, entry way, and door. Then we waited for our guests to arrive.

Draw Sammy the Turtle

Our guest list was long but with summer vacations, many couldn’t make it but 8 little guests, aged 1 to 11 years, is nothing to sneeze at. And it meant more popcorn for us! We all crowded on the couch, the smell of popcorn in the air and started the movie!

Turtle Party Guests

After the movie, we had a coloring contest with some fun prizes. Here are some of the entries. Good job! The top two winners received an extra special prize and all entrants won money – chocolate doubloons from the depths of the sea!

Coloring Contest 

Movie Information:

When Sammy & Ray find themselves trapped in The Tank, an underwater restaurant/aquarium, they must hatch a plan to escape and reunite with their grandkids Ricky & Ella.  But they’ll have to get past Big D and his dopey thugs first.  With the help of some unlikely friends, Sammy & Ray find that when you work together anything is possible!

DVD release date: July 9, 2013

Want a sneak peek? Here’s the movie trailer.

“Dive into a Fun-Filled Adventure!”

Movie is rated: G and is targeted to 3-10 year-olds but is suitable for the whole family!

Turtle Crayon Favors 

Our guests went home with full bellies (thanks DH for barbequing the hotdogs!) and some loot: chocolate doubloons, turtle shaped crayons (thanks so much The Crayon Train!) and some turtley treats, all having enjoyed themselves!

Turtle Suckers 

What Did You Think Of The Movie?

N (11) – it was a cool movie, my favorite characters were all the turtles.

T (9) – The glob fish was my favorite character because he plays dead and it’s funny. The movie was too long and too short.

C (11) – The movie was really excited with, you know, cool stuff. The hammer head shark was the coolest of all. There should have been more sharks.

C (6) Sammy is my favorite character. He’s the best. I just loved the whole movie. Can we watch it again?

What Did You Learn From the Movie?

C (6) Stay away from humans?

C (11) Don’t run away. And if you are stuck in a tank, don’t panic.

T (9) How to play dead.

C (11) thought that the first movie was better but the remainder of the crew voted hands down that #2 was better than #1. T (9) says the glob fish made the second movie better than the first.

As the children are reliving the movie and talking, there is lots of laughter. They really truly enjoyed the movie!

Have you seen either of the Turtle Tale movies? Would love to know!

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