Robyn & Wren {sale!}

Robyn & Wren offered a giveaway on their Facebook page last week. A friend commented on their post so of course it showed up in my newsfeed. I hopped on over to have a look and was delighted with what I found.

My little girl is a tall 7 year old and growing every day. It’s getting more challenging to find clothing that we can agree on; clothing that we both like, that is fun and most importantly…modest!

Robyn & Wren have just that. Fun clothing, bright colors, modest…and they have a sale on right now too; the prices are incredible. I ordered several dresses.

Look at this super sweet Strawberry Lemonade Alice knot dress. Only $21.00 Wish I would have ordered it. I love the colors.


How’s this for fun? My Sunshine Annie dress is on sale for $22.00.


And this Good and Perfect Set is probably my favorite with the verse sewn on: James 1:17, a verse that became special to my heart after our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. $27.00 for a top and skirt is pretty great but you can purchase the skirt only for $17.00.


A Friend Loves Dress is awfully sweet; I love the length and simplicity of the style and the bright colors and the bow make it fun.


So we haven’t received our order yet; I may or may not do an actual in real life review of our dresses but I just had to give a big shout out to my readers to share the SALE!


*No compensation was received for this post. It isn’t intended to endorse or review the products, but simply a sale announcement I am excited to share.*


  1. Hi Amy!

    We do a combination of things with our used clothing. For the boys, I often keep John’s for Isaac. Isaac is pretty hard on his clothing so his often ends up being thrown out or given to friends who live in the country and can use “play” clothes. With my daughters we do two things: we sell some and recycle the money back into buying the next size up and we also have a little girl that we know who is able to love many Chloe’s things after her.

    Kids grow so fast! What do you usually do with your children’s clothing?

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