Interesting Links 01.14

imagePhoto by Dezz

I enjoyed this Podcast between Brooke and Sally. I listened to it during nap time today!

Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Children had some great points. I used to shop at an educational toy store, which has since closed down, and the owner often said this: “tools, not toys”.

God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle: I Guarantee It! was a wonderful article. Don’t let the title dissuade you.

I read A Concerned Mother’s Letter to Teenage Girls a while back but ran across it again and thought I’d share it in case any of you haven’t seen it yet. Parts of it make me laugh, others make me blush {for once upon a time, I was a silly girl!} and other parts cause me to make parenting notes for myself when my children arrive at the age where social media is in their lives.

A Little House Virtual Field Trip was a lovely post and one that I plan to go through with my children as well. You see, we are in…is it season 8…of the TV series, watching one or two episodes several evenings a week as a family. We all enough it. It is a simpler age in many aspects, and has so many good moral lessons. Oh, how I enjoy it!

The Hidden Years made me cry a bit, as I enjoy Sarah Mae’s writings. But I applaud her too. This really hit me:

Over the weekend I heard Sally talk about the “hidden years” where she did the work and raised her kids before God used her publicly. Something about that phrase, “the hidden years” stuck with me.

I think hidden years are a gift from God where we can privately grow in faithfulness, integrity and wisdom in preparation for the years where we will have opportunity to teach and influence others. Sally said to me years ago, “We need women who are willing to do the work in their homes, raising their children now so they have something to say later.””

May I be growing in faithfulness, integrity, and wisdom in my home! May I be focused and dedicated to these ‘hidden years” where I train, teach and love my little ones!

Did you read (or write) something read-worthy this month? Please share!