December 2013 in Photos (in February)

December 2013

Yes, I know it is February but I just needed to close off 2013. Bear with me!

Chloe got glasses for the first time ever. She just needs to wear them for reading. She wasn’t delighted but her doll got a pair too and that seemed to help the situation a little bit.  John got new pajamas with penguins on the feet. Did I tell you he likes penguins these days? Makes my big 5 year old look a little smaller and snuggly. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Chloe is doing well with her piano lessons, some days she practices well on her own…other days not so much. One thing she does do constantly is put name tags on Isaac. He frequently crawls around the house wearing one. I guess she is pleased that she can spell his name now, or is working on it anyway. I guess I should have picked a photo of his bottom where she had spelled it correctly. She’s also pleased that Chrissa {her American Girl} got a matching Christmas dress. Yay for eBay.

Christmas 2013 

Gigi was here over Christmas. A rare treat; we last saw her over Christmas in 2007. She says it will be a while before she comes again though; it’s too cold for her here! I will say our tree was piled much higher than normal. Hmm, I wonder why?

Happy Birthday Lord Jesus

Other years we’ve baked a cake but this year, mama went to the magical blue cheesecake truck for our birthday cake on Christmas! Yum, yum. A delicious way to remember whose day it is that we are celebrating.

Ice Storm 2013

We thank the Lord for travelling mercies. A friend and I returned home just a few hours before the crazy ice storm started. It was a doozy!!

Isaac Christmas Calendar

Christmas chocolate calendars are all over. Isaac just can’t believe it and every time I turned around, he had dug it out of the recycling bin to see if there was anything else in it.

What a great year 2013 was. I look forward to the memories and wonder that 2014 will inevitably bring!