Once Upon A Homeschooling June Day

Reading at the Park

We’re still full on doing school. I think I mentioned that with all the appointments and such this past year, we took many days “off” and thus will be schooling through the summer.

No worries though. Beautiful days, parks, good stories; the tots and mama enjoy it. Sure, we have some bookwork here and there but in JK / SK it’s very minimal and they enjoy even that too.

MAP Backwards

Mind you, not all days are blissful. Some days are chaotic, some days we’re battling sickness…

The other day on a mom group on facebook there were some questions about homeschooling. There were a LOT of socialization comments and a lot of comments {from non-homeschoolers} about how you need to be super organized and dedicated. Well, I chuckled to myself.

  • Most of the socialization that happens in school is a socialization I’d rather my children miss out on. They have plenty of play time with other homeschoolers, they are in Sunday school and a kids church program on Wednesday nights and there are always children at the park and our neighborhood children. We often battle with cutting back on socialization because I often feel we have too much.
  • As for the organized part? Well, I wouldn’t say I was but I wouldn’t say I wasn’t either. Definitely not a Martha Stuart {or whomever is her homeschooling equivalent}. I’m just an average sort of person. That being said, I LOVE schooling with Sonlight because everything is mostly done for me.  Sure makes it easy!
  • The dedicated part? Absolutely! I’m dedicated to loving and teaching and instructing my children whether or not I homeschool anyway. From the moment that they are born, we are teaching them. Up the stairs 1-2-3, ‘show mommy the blue ball. now show mommy the green one”…you get my point. Homeschooling is just an extension of that.

So those are some rambling thoughts for today. Now I am off to enjoy the rest of the day! Hope you are too 🙂


  1. i find it very interesting that everyone is worried about my children socializing, but not about whether i can teach them math, or grammar, or science. know what i mean??

  2. Yes!! Now that you mention it, no one at all has asked about my teaching credentials – which you would think would be of more importance.

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