Hoppy Spring with Kinder

Kinder Easter Treats

I love spring. It’s my second favorite time of year. I love the snow melting, the temperatures warming up,  the budding trees…we even spotted our first robin this morning! Another fantastic part of spring? Chocolate! Sweet chocolate. Oh, how I love chocolate. {Yes, I just burst into song!}.

For our family, the resurrection is the focus of our Easter Sunday. Are you familiar with the Easter Story? But on the Saturday, our family celebrates Happy Spring. Happy Spring is not only happy and fun but also delicious, especially when Kinder is involved!

https://beautifulcalling.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Easter2013_2174_edited1.jpgMy tots Happy Spring picture

The week before Easter weekend we do the traditional colored eggs gig. My tots are 4 and 6. We usually use white crayons and the typical die {food coloring, vinegar} but this year we are trying something new! We’re using the Kinder Egg Decorating Kit we received this year. I know it’s going to work out well since my tots love the decorating part however I am the ONLY one in the family who eats hardboiled eggs. I’m thankful that this year I don’t have to worry about trying to eat a crazy amount this year singlehandedly!

My tots absolute favorite thing about Happy Spring though? The egg trail that they wake up to – and you know what? That was my favorite thing too. Growing up, my parents always laid a chocolate egg trail from each of our bedrooms to the main room of the house for our egg find. We’ve continued on the tradition and it’s become my tots favorite too. We have the egg trail which leads to the main room of the house where the tots can find a few bigger treats, and usually some sidewalk chalk, a skipping rope or bubbles – all fun springy things to help celebrate the beautiful weather that is on the way.

Crafting is a another favorite thing around these parts. Egg carton tulips just shout Happy Spring like crazy and they are nice and easy to make too.


You know what else shouts out Happy Spring? The Kinder Facebook page, why not visit today? Especially since Kinder is donating a dollar to the Children’s Miracle Network from March 1st to 31st for each  new friend (up to $25000). I’ve posted before about how thankful I am for the miracle network.  And once you’re a friend, be sure to enter  the ‘Shake & Win’ Instant Win Contest from March 4th to the 8th. Have fun!

If you live near Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver then be sure to watch the Kinder Facebook page for information about Harry the Kinder Bunny. He’ll be making surprise appearances at family events in the area during March to spread some joy with free samples.

So what is your absolute favorite chocolate treat? Mine is Kinder Mini-eggs. The delicious chocolate, the amazing hazelnut center? Oh, this mama loves them and may or may not have eaten the whole package to herself during nap time the other day! Yep, thats a #TrueConfession!

Happy Spring friends!

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