Family Bible Camp in Southern Ontario

Bible Camp 2012

Every year the tots and I have went to Family Bible Camp. It’s more of a mom/tot camp for us since daddy has to work. {See our bible camp 2010 here. Apparently I didn’t blog about 2009 or 2011.}

Highlights for Isaac? Isaac had a blast and discovered Oatmeal for the first time. Mrs. McClain was kind enough to have his oatmeal all ready each morning so it was nice and cool for him to eat. He loved the fresh air and slept beautifully in the tent.

 Bible Camp Sleeping

Chloe and John enjoyed the trampoline, the paddle boats and of course the famous camp waterslide. There is a giant hill that they run a long, long sheet of plastic down (I think I heard it was 100 feet?). Add dish soap and a hose = tons of fun. Even mama had a blast! Factor in the evening camp fires, snacks in the tent and of course catching frogs, bugs and other good stuff and you have a fantastic week!

Every year it seems that we have one crazy, giant storm. Not kidding. Two years ago our previous tent was damaged beyond repair compliments of the crazy windstorm! This year was no exception. I’m telling you the storm was hours long, the wind was insane, the tent was half flattened and the rain was so intense it was as if someone was dumping continuous buckets of water on the tent. Never have we been in such a storm. I seriously slept maybe 2 hours that night. All three children snored through the entire night! I did get in a lot of praying though 🙂 A big thank you to my husband who bought us a new tent, the Eureka Bonavista 88. Not one drop of water made it in! Maybe I should write a review on the tent. I was so pleased with it. {and pleased that we got it for 30% off}.

The preaching was fantastic. We had a special speaker in that sang ‘ditties’ and preached a series on Achsah (pronounced Oxa). I learned a lot about being a wife and mother. I also learned a lot of funny little ditties.

Little Tooth{isn’t it cute?!?}

It’s always fun to see the other mamas there too and see how much their children have grown too. We always have a great time.

Friends, camping, and adorable little teeth are the finer things we’re celebrating!

If you’re in Southern Ontario, message me. Maybe you’d like to join us next year? The more the merrier!