Handwriting Practice: Missionary Letters

Mission Letter

Our church supports many missionaries around the world. Every Sunday during Sunday school class we read a letter from one of the missionary families, hearing about the work that God is doing through them in their little little corner of the globe. We also pray specifically for them at that time.

A few weeks back, I started bringing the letters home. Monday morning I read the letter to our children, we pray for the family and then write them a note and make a picture for them. I love that some include pictures in their letters which in turn makes it nice for the tots to see who they are writing to. They also like to take turns being the one to walk {or skip} it down to mail it 🙂

It’s a great way to start conversations about other parts of the world, about how important missions work is, to talk about how we can be missionaries where ever we are and so much more. But not only can we be a blessing to the missionary family by praying for them and sending them mail – the fact that it is a great chance to for Chloe to practice her handwriting works for me too!