Brownies, Bikes and Colds


The tots begged for daddy to set up the slippery slide the other day. It was still warm enough so we indulged. The days are slowly getting cooler. Fall is coming.

This week the house has been filled with a delightful aroma; I’ve been baking brownies. Our church is hosting a pastor’s conference next week and I have the privilege of doing some baking for it. One of my favorite parts? The taste test! I can’t go serving brownies if I’m not certain they’re tasty.


My mother-in-law is visiting. The tots are so excited to have their Gigi here visiting. This summer both tots learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. Gigi indulges their cries to “watch me!” with pleasure.

I’ve been battling this crazy cold. It seems never ending. My head has been stuffy, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and my thoughts hardly make sense to myself these days. Fall is my favorite time of year so I’m hoping to recuperate soon so we can get out and enjoy the days.