Last Day of Summer 2012

Funny Faces

Friday September 21st was the last day of summer. It was a beautiful day and we celebrated it as a family with a picnic at Webster’s Falls.  Even more exciting is that my mother-in-law is visiting so a picnic with GiGi? Even better!

How fast the summer flew by! What precious memories we made and how we enjoyed our days. I’m excited about fall though. It is actually my favorite season of the year. I love the crisp days and cool nights. I love cozy sweaters and colorful leaves. Hmm, all of these start with ‘C’. Interesting.

Webster's Falls

We’re here for a few more days then off-line we go. We’re heading up North to go hunting and fishing. My dad is coming along on our big road trip adventure. So this week will be filled with packing for us. I’d better start my list. Oh, and come up with some fun things to do on the drive. Since it’s 21 hours of driving each way, we’ll have plenty of time for fun activities!