Play Today with Kinder: Fun on the Go!


Kinder believes in letting kids be kids and I’m all for that which is why you’ll often find quilts draped over the dining room table and hear giggles coming from below.  Allowing their imaginations to run wild and their creative juices to flow, furniture, pillows and blankets can be easily transformed into an all day adventure. Rainy days are no problem for us! Baking is a fun, educational way to have fun and it’s usually quite delicious. Another favorite rainy day activity? A box of rice!

I’m at home all day most days with my tots but how do we incorporate play when we’re on the go?

My bag of tricks is tucked into my diaper bag. It has a dozen fun little things in it from little plastic dinosaurs, to pop up frogs, to little spinning tops. It contains the perfect distraction for doctor visits and is wonderful for entertaining the family while waiting for dinner at the restaurant. I switch out the toys every so often so there is always something new and exciting. Truthfully, the little Kinder toys often make the perfect addition to my little bag of tricks.

The boredom box rides along with us in the van. It is a white bucket with two handles and I use the middle seatbelt in between Chloe and John to strap it down. It contains  a few toys and books. It means the tots have something to do while we’re out doing errands and if for some reason we’re delayed, I can always read them a story.

Songs and games are my number one way to ‘enjoy the ride’ so to speak. My tots are finally getting a little older and are able to {somewhat} understand the game Eye-Spy. They also like to play ‘lets find…” games, sing super silly songs and play rhyming games.

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Your assignment today? Find five minutes to read a story, play a quick game or go for a walk with your tots!

“Disclosure: I’m part of the KINDER® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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