Isaac’s Tuxedo


When my first two tots were babies, I would dress them in clothes to go to the church nursery. With Isaac, I mostly take him in sleepers. He’s the most comfortable in them {I think} and soon enough he’ll have to wear real clothes anyway. But I was delighted to find this sleeper. The best of both worlds; dressy and oh, so comfortable. He’s such a doll!

Do you find yourself doing things differently after your first child?


  1. My 3rd is 4 months old now (just 2 days older than Isaac :). I was the same as you. From day one my oldest two were always in dresses for church. My third wore sleepers probably up until a month ago when my friend started teasing me about it. 🙂 Otherwise, she’d probably still be wearing sleepers to church. 🙂 Love this picture of Isaac, it’s adorable!

    • @Beth – how funny it is that we grow and change right along with our children 🙂 A belated congrats on your third as well. Three is blessedly busy isn’t it? 🙂

  2. Oh, I love that expression “blessedly busy,” if fits my life perfectly. 🙂 I will be using that again. 🙂

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